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  1. Taking images of yourself is easy, providing you have a timer on your camera. Plus, the model is dirt cheap to hire.
  2. Hi A while ago I uploaded an image of myself with a signed model release. I am doing another image with myself in it, can I send the same model release or do I have to make a new one? Thanks
  3. Hi, I sent a message to support a month or so ago, it was about my accepted clip (id no. 26) not showing up when I click on the "footage clips in gallery link", still no answer. The number beside that link also goes from 1 to 0 and then to 1 again. Is that a server thing, or something else? Thanks
  4. I guess the login is just for the clients, users that will subscribe to buy, not for the submiters, just like the photo shutterstock website. Thanks, just got that from the faq - the videographers/submitters are redirected to submit.shutterstock.com
  5. Nice I submitted one clip a while ago and it got accepted, how do I see it on the site? I think I listed it in the Transportation category but it's not there. Also, do we login with our submit.shutterstock.com passwords or?
  6. ixer

    17000$ a month? :)

    I know, the whole article page reeks of amateurism. Look at that "shutterspam" logo and the other image - they couldn't even size the images right.
  7. I was thinking what to put as a nick on stock sites and liked the letter x, which is pronounced "iks" (as in mixer) in Croatia, so I came up with "ikser" and turned it into the english version - "ixer".
  8. Nice site. Noticed a couple of mistakes: In the gallery section after I click on margaret the name in the heading is spelled margraet diane's first image is not finished - there's a part from the original background left under her arm joanna - same thing as margaret (jooanne)
  9. ixer

    17000$ a month? :)

    It's ok, I don't blame you, I know it can get tricky with the numbers, ref ids, symbols, equations... Oh, the humanity!
  10. ixer


    Nice burn, you reminded me of this: http://phonophunk.com/news/archive/ive-been-pirated/ (click on the links under the "update 3" heading)
  11. ixer

    17000$ a month? :)

    Easy, try this - go to the page that comes after you log on to shutterstock. Click on the "images in gallery" link. When I click on mine I get this address: http://www.shutterstock.com/gallery.mhtml?id=7569 Now, just replace the number after the "=" with the ref number you want to check (the spammer's would be 57289) and that's it.
  12. ixer

    17000$ a month? :)

    Someone else slyly trying to get refered photogs? Not that this is bad, they aren't spamming or lying, just thought it was kinda ironic.... Checked it out, the number belongs to the guy that was spamming and his account got cancelled so there's no harm in this link being posted.
  13. ixer

    17000$ a month? :)

    Yeah, I know, I wouldn't believe it. No grounds for a big discussion here, just thought it was interesting to post.
  14. Don't know if this has been posted but here goes: http://www.epuk.org/news/2006/01/shutterstock.html
  15. I'd say the barns and the bridge although you'd have to post a full size to really tell if the quality is ok. It would be better if you erased the writing on the sign.
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