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  1. https://image.shutterstock.com/image-photo/fogshrouded-wintry-meadow-crosscountry-skiers-600w-788421295.jpg
  2. Thanks! Didn't think it would be that easy, since you can't add them when you get to that page by looking at reviewed images. Good to know.
  3. I haven't needed to do this for years, but I have a few recently approved images that I want to add a couple keywords to. Is there still a way to do it? I can't find any way to add to an image already in my port.
  4. I'll just add my 2 cents to all the pleas above to bring back the search by newest (or fresh content) option. Please do it!
  5. Yes, those were the days! But who took this shot? Horizon's tilted. lol btw, for newer people on this site, I'm the young handsome guy at left.
  6. My apologies if this has been answered already. Years ago when I started with SS, it was explained that we do not need to submit both plural and singular forms for keywords, or any other variants. The system automatically would include the variants in searches. Then the keyword suggestion panel debuted a year or more ago, and some of its suggestions are useful. But it invariably suggests singular forms of keywords I already have in plural, or vice versa. My question: is it necessary or helpful to add the variant forms? Does the search system no longer automatically include variants?
  7. Interesting idea, but I've had all types of images encounter this. My most recent batch (8 images) aren't anything like this. One mitigating factor, at least when they're resubmitted, they seem to get reviewed a lot quicker than the first time around.
  8. "File Transfer Error" has become the new dreaded message from SS. It seems to have become a much bigger problem in recent months. Never used to get them, or very rarely; now, it's every 2nd or 3rd batch. And for me it's always the whole batch. Highly frustrating. Just now resubmitted the latest batch, hoping it won't come back with the same error again. SS really needs to look into this and find a fix. Not a problem on any other site.
  9. Two days later one more has squeaked through. But the one that slipped through on Monday was rejected for "File Transfer Error" and had to be re-uploaded. So who knows? Aaarrgh
  10. Same thing happened to 7 uploaded earlier today. Came back hours later and one has managed to slip through. Who knows how long the rest will take?
  11. We do? Looked at the trailer. Sorry, not impressed. That's the clincher. The only thing that really carries any weight in this game. I'm not blaming SS. It's just the sad, over-lawyered world we live in.
  12. Doesn't appear to pertain to the OP's images. Surely the historic bunkers are the primary subject. The graffiti is a vandalous add-on. To say the "artist" deserves a property release for that is ludicrous.
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