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  1. Haha, I've been hanging out in this thread all day as I'm also trying to get the RSS feed images to show up on my Wordpress page but I'm having major issues. I think we cannot add our referral links to the RSS URLs as they are sent straight from SS. I wanted to add my latest pics into a blog post/page and couldn't find a way to insert the SS feed images as thumbnails including links... Maybe someone here has a clue...? www.stockphoto-images.com
  2. Nevermind I found the plug-in on the Wordpress site. If anyone is interested you can add only the images to your widget if you download the plugin called "RSS Image Widget" You have to click on "EDIT" where you activate the plugin and look for the line: '.$item->get_title().' Delete all that and save it. Then your images will show up without title descriptions. You may have to change the width and height settings in the menu where you add your feed URL to make it fit to your layout. Works great for me.
  3. How do I use the feed in Wordpress (on my own server) so that it shows the actual image instead of the image description (text link)? Anybody tried that yet?
  4. There is a separate section for exactly this in an independent microstock forum. I'm not allowed to post the link but you will find it.
  5. If you find images on Zazzle which look suspicious please contact the copyright owner providing the Zazzle URL. All my ripped images that were used on Zazzle by other members were stolen. I had one image in more than 10 instances by more than 10 Zazzle members stolen where none of them could provide an EL!!! So it would be fair to let photographers and illustrators know if you see someone's photograph. Asking for a valid license doesn't hurt and every photographer has a right to demand proof of purchase! Many Zazzlers have no understanding of copyright. http://www.zazzle.com/ca
  6. I had more than one piercing starting at age 18 (no consent from my parents hence the age...). Remember please that piercings are (99%) temporary - which means it CAN be taken out again. The scaring is an issue but that is a matter of chosing the right piercing studio to begin with, the care during the healing time and the treatment after taking out the jewelry. So don't directly compare piercings with tattoos. Tattoos may be removed as well but it does require a whole different procedure and time to do so. The enlarged holes in the ear (bottom of the ear) will shrink after removin
  7. Impressive! I thank you very much for your comments, especially the last one :-)
  8. Yeah, I did that already before posting here. After 30 pages of search results I gave up. Thanks for checking in anyway!
  9. Could anyone kindly tell me what flower this is? I found it next to a canal in South Florida - there were thousands of them. I could not find anything online. Thanks in advance.
  10. I don't mind if SS is sending me 10 1099's but when is the second 1099 actually being mailed out? Are they out yet? Trying to get my taxes done...
  11. I'm going to travel soon and need a device to backup my images that are taken on a daily basis. The more GB the better. I'm looking @ 80GB+. Doesn't need a lot of fancy functions. Would be great if it supported NEF-Raw from Nikon to display thumbnails so you can see that the transfer was successful. Which brand or model is good? I saw on Amazon SEITEC or NEXTO for reasonable prices. How reliable are those devices? Thanks in advance
  12. I got the H200 and start playing with it. Native resolution is 704x480 MPEG2, variable bit rate up to about 9542 kbps max. Here I guess the usual noobie questions: 1. Can I upload wide format (16:9) from this camera? 2. I use Ulead Video Editor. What software do you use just to crop files (in length) so the video doesn't get recompressed? 3. If I submit recompressed video (MPEG2) - do I submit rather constant or variable bit rates? Up to how much? 9542 kbps?
  13. Thanks so much for all your input. I'll take it into consideration depending on the use of the individual image.
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