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  1. Yes, still interested. The theme is to be printing and paperwork. Focus would be more on the papers and hands and printing machines. Wouldn't even have to have people's heads in shots. Needs to be office type printers, HP's and the like. Not printing presses. There is definately a shortage of this type of shots and I think if you get some good ones submitted, you'll do well with them. Deb
  2. A person I referred here is looking for pictures of people working at copiers, printers and that sort of office machine. Prefers multiple people, maybe interacting by handing over papers to one another. She said she's also looking for pictures of people working in a shipping department of a company. Maybe boxing goods, loading them onto a truck. Deb
  3. Sheesh, I had to stop looking at those signs because I was in fear of laughing hysterically here in my cubical and people would think I'd lost it. Thanks for lighting my day! I think this whole thread is funny and was meant to be tongue in cheek and no one should take offense. Deb
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