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  1. Thanks : ). I did sell some greeting cards after the features were posted, but no posters yet. You could make custom versions of your featured calendars that run from March to March. Worth a try. congrats to you too! Did it make a change on your sales? For me, nope! I didn't sell anymore calendars because of it even if they are 50% off until march 1. I guess calendar times are over until next december!!Well, it's nice to get more exposure anyway.
  2. Congratulations! Two of my posters were picked, too.
  3. Yes! I did that and it's perfect! I'm not tempted to waste time on the forums or on other "features" anymore!!! Just dropped by to see whether my great January sales were from one customer or whether things are really picking up again.
  4. I agree with those who are having trouble. Sometimes, I spell it right and it keeps saying it is wrong. Other times, I can type anything and it lets me in. What's going on?
  5. The health care system was not working. Those who went/go to a doctor or hospital with health insurance were/are paying for those who did not/do not have it. Ask to see the bill of anybody who has been to the hospital recently. Small, simple things are billed at horrendously inflated rates to cover the bills of uninsured patients who are, and will continue to be, treated. The resulting raises in rates have caused many businesses and agencies to have to drop or downgrade coverage for their employees. Fewer and fewer working adults are covered each day. These are the simple facts, without any "free" healthcare. Something had to be done, and something also had to be done about the greedy, dishonest policies of the health care insurance industry. During the Bush years, inept managers had a green light to take everything they could from whomever they could. As for prevention, I am not as convinced. Some standard practices are aimed more at protecting health care workers from lawsuits than at improving the health of patients. Many current tests are invasive, expensive, and questionably effective. Many recommendations have recently been proven incorrect. Stimulus, like the $50 million LA spent on 8 jobs. All I know is both parties really could care less about the US and its citizens. It's more about the powers that run them and what they want, ie, bankers (think rothschilds and rockerfellers) run this govt thru their puppets, ie, congress and potus. And btw, who the hell was going to get "free" healthcare? The same ones who get it already...the ones walking into hospitals hourly, costing all of us billions because we are catching their illnesses at the worst stage...in the most costly environment (emergency room), instead of preemptively.
  6. Um, no, I would not. (By the way, this does not come from the Democrats. It was just on the news as the official Republican position. Actually, as a Democrat, I am celebrating the onslaught of the Tea Party. Some seats that were in danger are now safe. Good old Sarah may save us again. I know many Republicans, but they like the teabaggers even less than they do the Democrats. There are, actually, very few religious extremists--a talking point of the teabaggers, but they have hijacked the party. Again, as a Democrat, I love it!) Obviously otherwise I would agree with them right?
  7. You are not hearing everyone's opinion.
  8. Thank you! This should help buyers find the shots they need and add to the value of our collection.
  9. Well said. Some people in the opposition party have very short memories. The problems that caused this recession began a long time ago. The stock market and real estate markets were massive pyramid schemes from which out-of-control businesses extracted outrageous amounts of money. All around the country McMansions sprang up in unprecedented numbers, during the Bush years. CEOs, education superintendents, governors, and leaders at all levels were being paid more and more to know less and less. As the monetary gulf between those who did the work and those who made the decisions deepened, impossible levels of nonsense increased. Add to this, the Electronic Revolution, and you get an unprecedented level of chaos at all levels. People don't know how much has changed yet. Many jobs and categories of jobs are obsolete. Blaming a President for this is ridiculous! You really think that Obama can fix all the problems of previous presidents? He isn't Superman. Did he causes the crash or recession??? I don't think so. The recession was already busy before he got president. Recovery after recession takes time sometimes a decade if not longer.
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