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  1. How do you close your account and get final payment? I've tried to do it, but never hear from them. Waiting for weeks and months.
  2. Ferenc Cegledi, I've just logged in over months to support your post.
  3. Still not a chance to access contributors site via regular connection. Will send support a request about it. Wondering if this is the way Shutterstock says thanks to a contributor deleting the whole portfolio. If so, it is a sign of that many contributors are deleting the images + closing their accounts. And if so, the value of stock of SS should soon be lower, when the number of new uploads cannot match the number of deleted images. Agree with Centrill Media - disabling sales here (I did it July 1st) has some positive effect for the sales at other sites. Not much, but a little. Paul
  4. Weird that I cannot access contributors site (submit.shutterstock) from my home connection anymore.. site starts loading and freezes. I still had a few hundred photos to be deleted, fortunately just finished deleting all photos using an alternative connection. It takes some willpower to delete images swiping away the whole portfolio that took years to be built.. Might leave shutterstock account active as an experimental place for mobile-only photos, or photos with low value and/or taking very little time to be edited.
  5. Hello fellow photographers and videographers, some thoughts as follows. First, so sorry to see ss made the 0.10 decision. The agency has been a very good agency till spring this year. If they had chosen to cut the sub. fees 10% or 20%, everyone would understand it. But 2 or 3 or 4 times - it is like to reduce your salary 2-4 times.. try to survive. Someone earlier in this thread used an expression "a race to the bottom at its purest" - too many people eating from one pot. You may have something, but you may not get close at all. Is this the price we all are paying now? I mean everyon
  6. Thank you Anthony, for your help and support. Much appreciated. I'll act as per instructions received. Again many thanks for the quick reply.
  7. Hello, have the same problem: no PayPal payout so far. No reply from support (though they claim they will reply in one business day). Anthony, can you please help? Many thanks.
  8. Thanks for the reply. I see you are also using wacom - an essential tool for any serious photographer doing retouch work. Yes, I forgot to mention the SSD drives. I guess you can even order an iMac with 128Gb SSD (solid state drive) together with up to 2Tb of traditional (spinning) hard drive. So the osX will load in a blink of an eye (I don't know how many seconds exactly) and the rest (the old school hard drive) can be used for any data. There's another plus as well. This is the glossy screen of the iMac. This means you actually see the noise of your photo at 100%, not the noise of "
  9. Hi Laurin With regards to mac/pc - I was a heavy PC user (since 1995), but I switched to mac two years ago. Not a single regret. I'd recommend to put the mouse back to its box and take a nice wacom tablet instead of it. $500 will get you nice pro series precise tablet/pen, and after some weeks your productivity is mindblowingly better. New 27" iMac is a good choice, because: - nice screen with IPS matrix, led lighting and whopping resolution - supports 16Gb of memory (I hope you ordered one with max mem) - top models have 4core processors (I guess the codename of the intel wa
  10. D90 - still one of the best choices for (micro)stock shooters. Image quality is excellent. Better than in D300 (arguable, more or less). Pentax K-x has the same sensor. You might consider this as well. The same about Sony A700 (quite old model, actually) D700- whole new level. Outperforms D90 at any time. the pixels are physically larger on sensor, this plays a huge role at high ISOs. But D700 and D90 are so different worlds in other aspects as well (build, shutter, functions, etc).
  11. Nice thread :-) tears and happiness and everything :-) --- Married.. as long as I remember No choice for the camera brand :-) As long as the sensors and lenses are good :-)
  12. As with camera bodies... I wonder if sony a200 has cmos or ccd sensor? I used to have nikon D80, which is horrible in terms of noise. ISO100-200 is fine, but anything over that is not usable for quality stock. So a canon 400D (10mp cmos), 450d (12mp cmos), 40D (10mp cmos with decent body) or Nikon D90 (12mp cmos). As said, spend your bucks to nice lens, and get cheap camera first (400D for example, $300 used). Nikon D60 is probably the worst choice, it is basically D40x, but with some new pointless features. The only advantage of nikon D80 is you get beter body (but the sam
  13. Why not? ) 1. non-existent help-desk 2. lack of software 3. (I guess most decisive) laziness yep, i agree there's a lot of point in all points. Another comparison that comes into my mind would be PC as a good old Soviet Union car (perhaps one luxury one, maybe VAZ 2106), with mac being a nice german engineering (perhaps bmw or something similar). The point is, if you can handle pc, you can handle mac at any time, but not vice versa. This also means mac is "too user friendly" resulting people not to be able to find a solution, but rather hoping mac os to do it. And when mac os f
  14. Why not? ) -- Also, one lovely thing I could not find in windows XP (don't know if Vista has it..), but found in os X is dashboard.. what a lovely tool. Also, another lovely thing is the remote control that comes with iMac.. I thought it was only for iTunes or Quicktime.. but it works with other programs as well. Very nice thing. The only thing I really dislike, is the horrible low end LCD display of the iMacs.. they used to be good. Perhaps they need to save money, too.
  15. I guess your hard drives are making the most noise of your system. Even if they use modern liquid ball bearings. So you essentially have 3 whirling things inside your computer. It's not too hard to build passive heating (even without pipes/liquid cooling) to quad-core intel these days, considering the chip itself is pretty cool. So I'll switch to PC once there are 2Gb SSD (solid state drive) hard disks available Then there's no noise at all, together with the power of PC I also forgot to mention before, that the glossy lcd-s are much more within my taste than matte ones. Though
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