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  1. I've tried to read through all of the posts so if I missed this I applogize. I see this might be a problem if you have editorial photo's in your gallery. Editorial only I thought meant editorial only..those photo's cannot be used for things like calendars, mugs, etc without proper releases and licensing, especially those of us with photo's of professional sports, races, NASCAR, IRL, Grand Prix, tennis etc as well as any other entertainment industry image. I suppose that can extend to non released as well, both property and model. I have to imagine for example if someone downloaded one of my Je
  2. Is there a reason why there is an opt out of shutterstock as well on the admin page? I'm assuming since there is now an opt out of CD bullet, the opt out of shutterstock means you don't want to sell here at all?
  3. There's a lot of my NASCAR pictures on there. My question (concern) is on Shutterstock it says that they are for editorial use only, on that site it doesn't mention that. Shouldn't they say something about only being able to be used for editorial use only? here's an example http://www.crystalgraphics.com/powerpictures/Image.Search.Details.asp?product=336299
  4. I have 72 images in my gallery, in October I averaged 5 a day which was my best month, 156 total for the month. This month is starting out a bit slower though.
  5. Hi, if you are still looking for this, I have one you may be interested in, it will probably take a few days to get approved though. I have a B&W version on my web site I can have you look at to see if it would fit your need, I have it in full color also.
  6. In my opinion, take a look at the background. The poor composition or framing has to do with the fact that for example on the first one of the man, you've got a line running through the middle of his head, the far end of the pool. It seems like most of them have that, thats the part I would say is poor framing or composition.
  7. You can tell GF what size you want the file to be, and it upsizes to that size. Like anything though, you can only upsize so much before you start to lose quality, espacially after its been cropped.
  8. Hi Adam, I submit to Alamy. I haven't looked at your gallery yet. I can't say if they are more critical than here but I can tell you they are pretty strict. The do a very detailed QA. Be prepared to wait also. Once you submit, it will take weeks to get reviewed, accepted, rejected, etc. As far as getting the right size, I use genuine fractals. Its what they recommend and it works great. You will need to shoot in RAW and convert to tifs, then upsize from there. Otherwise you will upsize to much and risk losing some quality. They have a FAQ page which gives detailed info on how to submit, setti
  9. Here's a few more that I found that are very good Absolute Beginner's Guide to Taking Great Photos by Jim Miotke http://www.betterphoto.com/product/ourProductDetail.asp?productID=1096&category=BKS I took this course and for a beginner its excellent, teaches you all of the basics, kerry is a great instructor http://www.betterphoto.com/photocourses/KRD01.asp
  10. Bryans book is good for a beginner. It explains in pretty basic terms all about exposure, fstop, speed, when to use each and how. If you can master those things, next you can focus on the creative part. I was similar to you a few years ago and blindly bought a number of books. One was by Jim Zuckerman and mentioned betterphoto.com. I'm not pushing them but I took one of their online course, there's a bunch for beginners which include instruction and then you upload your pictures and the instructor critiques them and tells you how to improve. They are a little pricey about $300 for an 8 week co
  11. There's no one book that will teach you everything, you'll find books which deal with specialties as well, but Understanding Exposures by Bryan Peterson is a great book.I highly recommend it. He also teaches an online class at betterphoto.com under the same title Joe
  12. Hi, what happened to the "new posts since last visit" link in the forums page? I thought that was a useful link to be able to see whats been posted without having to go through each forum individually Joe
  13. What happened to the link when you go into forums that says all new posts since last visit? That was always nice to click on instead of going through all of the catagories individually...
  14. Grad neutral density would be the weapon of choice. One other option if you can't avoid the sky, is to compose the shot excluding it. Look for other angles or closer crops to exclude the sky all together. Your shot for example might not look so bad if you zoom in a little closer to reduce the amount of sky you have in the picture. The real star of that picture is not the sky but the river, buildings etc.
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