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  1. As I could not find, I figured what you say is the situation. So it is. Thanks for your help, Linda. Best to you!
  2. rj lerich


    An historic post that I just noticed today as I posted a new question. In any case, pinkcandy, that is my photo your are showing here and I shot it in Parikia, Paros. I believe it was you who asked about what island(s) to visit and then mentioned you chose Milos. Coincidentally, Milos has been in my portfolio for years and, since I first ventured there, has become, perhaps, my favorite island and I do visit every year or so.
  3. I can't seem to locate the referral banners that formerly existed on the site. Can someone please advise if they have been discontinued or, if not, where I can find them? Thank you for your help.
  4. Just to advise on outcome: for some reason I must open each image individually from Bridge to Photoshop and then save again as jpg. After doing that, the images go through filezilla as always. This is an extra step for each image I did not have to do prior but I guess I'll write an action to do so for a group at once. Thanks everyone for your responses.
  5. Thank you for your thoughts, Dave. I can also keyword/title through photoshop but then I must do each image individually which is why I switched to bridge a while back. Seems to me it should make no difference. Perplexing.
  6. I add them as I have done for years with no problem in Photoshop Bridge. This problem only started on the last 2 or 3 transfers via Filezilla FTP.
  7. Using Filezzilla to FTP my images, the keywords, descriptions and file names are not being uploaded along with the image. Does anyone know how to correct this problem short of trying uninstall/reinstall program?
  8. Good job, Nikos. I am in the Greek Islands every summer for decades and just booked my flight for this year. I add a few new islands each year and got some good ideas for this year's islands from your portfolio! Nice work.
  9. rj lerich


    I'm in Greece every year for many years and, as such, I have close to 600 Greek images in my portfolio. You might want to look into Syros and/or Ios, both small and easy to maneuver and easy to get to via ferry. Most of the islands are quite "touristic" now but the tourist will have left by October.
  10. Video at 1080 , mpeg 4, shot with Nikon P300 is jerky in my mpeg streamclip editing program. I had the same problem with a Nikon dslr shot at 1080. What is the problem? When I edit video shot at 720 or lower quality, I have no problem so I think it has to do with the size of 1080 and not the camera. What adjustments must I make to avoid the jerky (meaning the frames seem to skip from one movement to the next with a jerky feel and not smooth)? Thanks for any advice.
  11. Yes but I turn image stabilization off when cam is on a tripod. I turn the autofocus off for video as I believed autofocus was causing the jitters.
  12. I have used the d5000 for successful footage but just moved to a 3100 for the 1080 feature. My problem is that I can't seem to get the camera to focus steadily which i assumed was due to the autofocus. I then changed the focus mode to manual and the footage seems to still "jitter" (bounce) and the footage, when panned, moves at a jittery pace and not smooth whatsoever. Any ideas/suggestion!
  13. Something very peculiar is going on at that site. I see my images for sale under my name (rj lerich) in all sizes and also the same images for sale only in xl size in colossus' name! I am going to order one of my pix from the colossus name and see if I get credit for that sale from any of my agencies. Then I will request a refund and should see the sale deducted from my account at the selling agent. To repeat what others have said, my copyrighted images should NOT be sold/shown/represented with a name that is not mine.
  14. "same words". That, to me, is a problem and a theft. I have an "infinity pool" photo that was number one in that category for a long time and is still #5 in popularity and someone had copied my title and words completely. I notified support and the thief is either no longer here or is not using my words.
  15. That's it. Thank you very much. I dig the quasi Steeple Chase Park logo of yours!
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