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  1. Just curious... I have a Canon 5D MKII and was wondering if ProRes 422 footage was acceptable? I normally convert to Photo JPEG B before submitting, but curious if 422 would be a better conversion? I only use a mac, so maybe I'm just ignorant to what other editor packages can use. I like editing 422 over JPEG B but I may be alone on this.
  2. For the smaller cameras a great thing to toss in your bag or pocket is this flexible tripod. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/519601-REG/Joby_GP1_0PEN_Gorillapod_Flexible_Mini_Tripod_Grip_f_.html it's great for getting stable pictures and video on just about any surface. Not good for larger cameras but small ones are fine.
  3. Im with ya. I like a little bit of movement in my shots, but I don't find much of it here. I usually have to shoot it myself. Sometimes I think the approvers have a blanket "No Shake" policy in place to prevent any confusion. I mostly use a monopod for my projects unless I need a dead steady shot.
  4. Hello All, I am working on a documentary project for fun, and I am finding myself needing some vintage footage of a rocking chair. would be best if there was nobody in it. Maybe someone has some old footage like 8mm or super 8mm of something like this. I know this is sort of an odd request and probably like finding a needle in a haystack but I just had to ask. If any of you are like me, I have hours and hors of old 8mm footage and it's not unlikely that someone got a rocking chair for christmas or something like that. I have my fingers crossed. Thanks in advance.
  5. Not so hot for me. *sigh* None last month, none so far this month.
  6. Nice thing about CRT monitors are that they seam to handle color better then the average LDC units. I am currently using an apple 30 inch monitor, and that is pretty good as far as LCD's go. But for video it's best to test on a real television monitor.
  7. I'm sure it will take a few months to really tell how things have changed. I think it's too early to tell at this point. So far my numbers are about the same. Though I have added more clips to my portfolio. I will use this opportunity to plea with SS to increase the visibility of the footage section. From the homepage there is only a tiny link that reads "New Shutterstock Footage" But it's right below the large banner text. People ignore things on the page that look like banners. It's a proven fact. (see http://www.useit.com/alertbox/banner-blindness.html) I wish SS would take some design
  8. I read someplace that many plugins used for PRO are compatible with Express. Some are even compatible with iMovie. I could not find the article or website where I found it. Not even sure if it's entirely true. A good place to start might be http://toolfarm.com/ they have links to many manufactures. I would also check these sites: http://www.chv-plugins.com/ http://www.nattress.com/ http://www.joesfilters.com/
  9. I have a few hours of footage shot in 108060i HDV from my Canon XH-A1. I wanted to capture all the footage as a smaller SD version during the import phase instead of as HDV. My laptop is under powered for the HDV editing and was hoping the smaller file size would help make my life easier. Anyone know how to set this up in Final Cut Pro? I have tried for several hours now without luck Im starting to think it's not possible. A friend of mine is sure she saw how to do it but can't recall the method so I am hoping one of you guru's here know how It could be done. Thanks in advance.
  10. Wow... You miss work a few days and come back to mayhem. The price cut caught me by surprise for sure. I'm not sure what is going to happen when all the dust settles around here. I hope that Francois does not stop uploading. He is a great advocate for better quality and is great asset to SS. ride it out Francois, it may be better? I'm with you Francois. I just spent $4000.00 on a new HD camera and upload my clips to SS exclusively. I had hopped that the supersized quality would attract buyers away from some the other sites. lowering the price would only put SS on par with it's compet
  11. I have used the HV20 for a short while. It's a great family camera but the lack of controls on the outside of the camera means that it really only works well in auto modes. I like to be more creative and play with focus or aperture on the fly. Something the I did not find all that easy to do on the HV20. When using the manual gain controls on the A1 the quality is way better than the HV20. There may be more controls for this in the menu but I hate fussing with the menus and prefer the controls on the outside of the camera. The other reason I like the A1 is the two XLR inputs for microphones.
  12. I have the Canon XH-A1. For the price, I am very satisfied with it. For non broadcast camera it produces very nice video. Especially after I figured out how to work the gain controls. - $3500 US - Prosumer camera but has many professional features - 3 CCD HDV - Capture with Firewire & Final Cut Pro. - - HD 1080i and SD 480i - selectable frame rates of 60i, 30 Frame and 24 Frame - Use Final Cut Pro, but started with iMovie - Final Render for 15 sec clip is near 300mb - diameter of the lense is 72mm would prefer 77mm so my camera filters were usable on it - HDV - the best
  13. even though most of my footage is in HD most of what I have sold so far is SD. the Hi8 may get your foot in the door if you can get some decent video. but I would expect rejections at first. At least you can have fun with it. as for my opinion on interlaced vs progressive. Interlaced is just fine, and probably the most widely universal format. 1080P tv's are becoming popular but it's still not the norm. I would take a camera that has 3 sensors and does 1080i over any of the cheepo single sensor 1080p units anyday. even if it were an SD 3 chip unit. The reason is that the quality and de
  14. Thanks Francois, I will take a look. Im not so much interested in a poor man's setup. I don't mind spending money if it makes my life easier. I have read on a few other forums about the differences and it appears that people prefer the Lowel's. Those other people arn't stock videographers so I was posing a similar question here to see what people here thought of the two.
  15. I have been looking at adding some additional lights for my video setups. I have already invested heavily in my photography lighting, but video has a whole different set of requirements all together. Like variable output that is easy to control. My company hired a professional videographer for a project and they used Lowel for their lighting so I was thinking they knew what is good. But then I found a company called Arri and the lights had a physical look that made them look better. But I need performance not a look. So does anyone have any experience with either of these systems? R
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