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  1. I'm very glad to be a Norwegian where this kind of foolishness won't be found. But patents like this can still affect us Europeans. We still sell photos in the US.
  2. Amazon has managed to patent an old and very familiar way to get white background when shooting a subject. https://shootthecenterfold.com/amazon-technologies-attempts-to-patent-lighting-techniques/ Is this possible? Only imagination limits what could be patented now! Soon we will get sued for taking normal portrait photos.
  3. Wow... Flash backs from my most active period. How sad. I sincerely miss that guy. Though he stepped on some toes, he did come with some good points every now and then, and he brought characteristics to the forums.
  4. There goes all my hopes of ever seing Pink Floyd perform together yet another time. Pink Floyd is a unique band in so many ways. Truly my number one favorite. I've got big troubles picking out one album or one song as better than the others. It all depends on the mood I'm in. But the remarkably good ones are songs like Echoes, Great Gig in the Sky, and Shine On You Crazy Diamond.
  5. Ufulum

    New SS logo!?

    Well, I've got a feeling I've seen the logo somewhere before. It doesn't really stick out. Looks common. And it doesn't say anything. I think I liked the old one better. That one actually said something. Ofcourse, it could probably need a facelift, but I think the new one lacks something the old one had.
  6. This would fit to a lot of peoples in one of the earlier games on these forums: Sorry, all you newbies would not recognize that quote.
  7. Ufulum

    Hijack this thread.

    Elephants aren't as yellow as you think! It's actually only the pink spots that creates an illusion for your eyes, green parts look quite yellow. Also, you ought not Elephants with potato stew, because they might start jumping with joy. Something that occasionally make the monkeys fall down from surrounding trees. This has become quite a hazard for some of the locals.
  8. The image I posted was the "interesting stuff" -- if Ron Paul was elected and was able to accomplish even 1/5 of what he would attempt, to get the US back on track, it would have a huge impact outside the US as well. (That impact would be good for many, but not everyone.) He was the only Republican candidate talking sense about ending the occupation of Iraq, and probably the only candidate of any party to discuss the monetary system in depth. I'm sure it went way over the head of most people (or at least beyond their willingness to exercise their brain), but I suspect it was his unwillingness to give a polite nod to Bush's policies in Iraq that pretty much doomed his chances on the Republican ticket. Yes, yours might have been directly related to the topic. Go to the first page of this thread, and you will see some examples of what I mean.
  9. European photo buyers paying in euros. So, they don't benefit from dollar depreciation Hmm... Can European sellers get payed in euro then? Would be more fair.
  10. Ehm... why all the picture posting, without even adding one line of interresting stuff to the topic? What was really the point of the reply? He was asking a question, opening for an interesting conversation. And instead of contributing, once again people fill up the thread with photos. We are mostly submitters reading these forums. If you want to advertise, please do it either in the treads meant for advertising, or somewhere else. Sorry for the outburst of frustration. But I'm tired of having to search for the good arguments. To give an answer... I find the falling dollar value quite frustrating. I've got no plans of traveling to America, so I won't get any benefit there. And I get a lot less money from sales. Will you Americans please fix your economy?
  11. It's not about them favouring YOU if you upload. But people searching for photos often sort after newest uploaded, and then, if you upload often, buyers will see your new photos more often. And often, if they see something they like, they might take a closer look at your portfolio, and perhaps buying more photos, giving more sales. All experience prove that if you don't upload for a while, your sales will level out. If you upload often, sales will be a bit higher. And still, your portfolio is not huge.
  12. My sales have been quite decent considering it being easter.
  13. Well, there is a reason to why I've almost completely stopped posting in these forums. I grew bored of the "show me" threads even before they started. And at one time they seemed to completely have overtaken these forums, infecting all threads. Even those that weren't "show me" threads. If someone were discussing politics, people would use it to show off any kind of related photo, and not come with good arguments. If it were up to me, I'd vote for drastic ways to bring these forums closer to the state they were in when I first started posting. Then it used to be a lot of good arguments. And of course some games. But mostly the games used to be quite good and entertaining. And one or two games seemed to be active at one time. And they actually demanded something. They were not just about showing off and posting as many pictures as you can. I don't know why some of the others from back then barely post any more, but I would not be surprised if they have similar thoughts as I have. Though, to many it might just be that they discovered that there is a life going on outside these forums.
  14. And a 2cv is that much better? I'm only 1.70, so it's just fine for me.
  15. Oh, yes. I like the small and simple cars. Mine have been rebuilt from a 1.2 liter to a 2 liter though. To do that, I've had to rebuild just about everything on the car. I like small cars, especially those from the 70s. Though, I have to say, I love the 2CVs. Really cool cars. And I would love to have an old Mini Morris. Except from the fact they they rust a lot, they're really cool.
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