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  1. I actually expected something a bit smarter from you. OH well.... and your a painter? Love to see the work. If it's good it will I sell a LOT better than a ton of Common roses and flowers. come shoot with the Old man. I'll run ya into the ground Kid, trying to keep up Physically and Creatively........... Guaranteed.Come to LA. I'll show ya some stuff you won't learn here. Free. Im gone.https://forums.submit.shutterstock.com/topic/91492-good-bye-to-everyone-for-good/
  2. Sorry Guys. After a Lot of years, I will not sit here another Minute and watch My colleagues and Long time friends And Myself Be dis respected and SS do nothing about it or anyone else who are and were My good friends..And I have copied this to Alex,Paul and Jon Oringer.. The downright hate here spewed By One person That directly relates to me as an excuse or what I say Has to stop and Im done with it. My comments to others have nothing to do with him and still after years He thinks it does and wants to rule what I say or how I say it. Thats never gonna happen with me here and I'll fight For That right and fight it anywhere..For you also. I and I alone will decide how to talk or advise anyone about this craft If they ask and they do with 20 Emails a day...And been doing it Longer than anyone has been here and 20 Years before that.. I really am a nice caring Person but I can't be followed around anymore Hanging on every word.. it's sick.....,Period. Being followed is sick Plain and simple and extremely Obsessive with mainline delusions of Grandeur... Thats Not fair to me,or anyone else here to read such Trailer Trash Talk.. Therefore beginning Now Im gone from Public View and comments for good On this Forum or chat Room to Hopefully stop him.. I have really enjoyed helping those I did over the 12 years being here Publicly sharing real time experience and not pretending to know anything and I still cherish those friendships Years later. and we stay in touch. You all would be surprised how many have Moved on from Penny stock Into a Lucrative career with clients and proud I could teach them to do it...I've been massively Lucky to have been and done what I have and get to share it with those that understand. And Im sorry But I have a very Hard time suffering fools. Barry, actually has a file on Me. wow. Wonder who else He does and why. Anyway enough barry talk I won't have to read Him again and he'll be a bad Memory.. I'll go back to pro discussion Groups And talk with folks who want to know and want to care where they are in a few years.It's certainly Not in Microstock!!! My continued presence here has impacted others that have to read the Garbage spewed and 99% about me. And has for years and the only solution is for me to leave so he/they can't continue to Kill good threads Like There known to do..... Barry is running out of forums to be banned from for this hate attitude and I really...Really wish there was something I could do or say to help him .I've run out of Ideas. and I would give anything to know what it was he has against what I do for people and what I did for Him. It was Myself,Dave,Mike and jeff with 200+ years of experience that took 4 Months of our time to help him shoot anything in focus and get approved. Sure like to Have that time back to help someone with a Real Honest reason to be here and could have used the Info to make there Lives better...And to make us proud we helped Him. IM Not.!!! So...enough is enough From This minute on Im going back to posting Privately when and How I see fit. A bit of FREE advice for barry... change the avatar man. it's a dead Giveaway about who you are and portray.. If anyone needs help or Ideas or anything related to Image making,Buying equipment ETC,ETC. Im right here by PM to discuss it.. But Im not gonna suffer fools guys. Know that Im gonna tell ya the truth based on More years with a camera than most have been alive and Im Proud of it.. VERY PROUD and proud to acknowledge it. making Images and making Music is all I know. And Made a fortune doing it.And I don't mean here. I can and have helped many with the work ethic to achieve a Lifestyle. Good Luck to everyone. I also won't be writing notes to staff anymore after this about our issues/Bugs or whatever It has NO EFFECT whatsoever and a total waste of time..And I think they agree. They treat us like children. Not pardners . My special Thanks to Alex for being there, Caring and a new Baby to boot. Just be careful Guys about the pretenders here and do the best you can To Keep it real, This forum is yours.USE IT. Want it to be Facebookie>> well.. up to you and Im sure SS would Love it.. Best to everyone. This time gone for good. . And My apologies to A new member Leonard. But, I still believe in my heart and posting on camera forums since the USENET days That folks who give advice need to show Through there work whats up and be judged by that especially when it comes to Buying anything. It is NOT fair to the newbie. People can talk all they want. your work speaks the truth. Im sorry I said what I said But Im not sorry That, I believe it to be correct. That said...you know where I am, If ya want to talk real or discuss any advice. I'll be critiquing By PM and email.. shame that only the person will get the benefit. But, i'd rather do it this way to stop The stalking Me any further. So Sad. really is. This really isn't a forum anymore anyway. it's a chat room and show me Chat space. no one beside the old regulars discuss anything anymore. And I don't need a rebuttal Guys I won't read it.I've read all the current trash. And a fun Note to whiteaster. come shoot with the Old man as you call me.... I'll run ya into the ground Kid, Of you trying to keep up Physically and Creatively.."Guaranteed." No need to respond. It's the truth. Are there issues here that need to be resolved. OH Boy so many theres not enough room to do it or even talk about it..And I'll leave it to you guys if ya have the balls to stand up. I have tried and tried all I can do and those that came before me and before the Idiots here now who think they have it all figured out.. Don't believe it for a minute Guys. These folks are trolls and nothing more. my Pardner Dave who I got into this was one of the best of the best Posters here and One of the Nicest guys you would ever read and he would fight for you and protect you and was at the time the premier Food shooter and because he was My Pardner was attacked by Barry He's gone for good. also. Thats pretty sick Guys. A man who Did nothing But helped people here and did nothing quit Because of barry and because he was my pardner.And soooo many others. Goodbye to my friends and I appreciate the support . And Good Luck. Bye,Bye Barry. Go find someone else to STALK..File Closed.!!! Although It will be fun in a few Months when he finds someone else and Trust me If that happens. He's gone If I have anything to say. The man is sick and he needs help. I tried by avoiding Him and That didn't work. Seriously My Very best to everyone.And My best advice. stay after SS,And your commissions...... If ya dont we'll lose even More.Take a active ROLE guys. Please. this is about a LOT more than your Images. it always was.
  3. I think useable as is. Now , for what I don't know.
  4. Correct.
  5. Gosh........wow a Image approved that won't sell!!! because no one cares and your not a Flat art shooter as per your Port.. as per the subject and so The advice means Nothing........Sorry Leonard.Try to stay relevant.So Glad your port is available to see now. Ya see The issue with many who Post here and give advice Is NOT based on reality. Do you not understand that??? people who post here like to pretend. that drives a Lot of us insane because it Kills what we have to say that is based on experience. Does this make sense My friend???????? People who pretend cost folks Money and worse Hope....... and thats a crime, Im my book. Hang around awhile Man. Im on SS 12 + years and seen it all. work on your port man....................And Lose the Ducks......LOL
  6. besides that It don't matter One bit...LOL
  7. Very watchable. Good narrative.
  8. I would agree.
  9. Good Old clyde. met Him in florida Once. I did get to shoot the 20 x 24 Polaroid a long time ago when My thing was 11 x 14..https://www.bhphotovideo.com/explora/content/instant-gratification-grand-scale-polaroids-20x24-camera
  10. Yes, they all have some value. without looking Im sure the Database has these subjects covered but. Hey, a few more won't hurt I guess. How Much Value...Impossible to tell.Not bad for a little Party camera.
  11. Your very welcome.
  12. I've shot flat art for a ton Of Galleries And museums for 40 Years,shot My own.... 1756 of them and for others also. Mikes method Is the smartest,best way to shoot Flat art or anything else even sculpture or items. It is also the cheapest and easiest way if done correctly. 2-250W Blue Photofloods in a triange, Get a bubble level also and I would add a inexpensive white sheet To act as a diffuser in front of Both lights or...rig 2 large softboxes. The larger the Light source, the softer the Light. One Of my old students from 20 years ago is the head Catalog Photographer for the Smithsonian. He uses this method. a good meter makes it easier or in Camera. meter off neutral tones. Piece of Cake. This Piece of Mine was 120 x 120 Camera and Image must be on exact same Plane to prevent Keystone effect. Hence Bubble level.And a good tripod and cable release.
  13. No Thanks.
  14. And sigma creeps. lol