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  1. Sent PM.
  2. I think useable as is. Now , for what I don't know.
  3. Correct.
  4. besides that It don't matter One bit...LOL
  5. Very watchable. Good narrative.
  6. I would agree.
  7. Good Old clyde. met Him in florida Once. I did get to shoot the 20 x 24 Polaroid a long time ago when My thing was 11 x 14..https://www.bhphotovideo.com/explora/content/instant-gratification-grand-scale-polaroids-20x24-camera
  8. Yes, they all have some value. without looking Im sure the Database has these subjects covered but. Hey, a few more won't hurt I guess. How Much Value...Impossible to tell.Not bad for a little Party camera.
  9. Your very welcome.
  10. No Thanks.
  11. And sigma creeps. lol
  12. I would seriously get very upset at them for a answer like that. MUCH,MUCH larger issue is you have no Portfolio here under your name. Your a ICONS factory. ??? Good luck with that.
  13. Couldn't agree More Phil. Like I've said One of my Oldest friends in the business Sam Of SAMYS camera. 5 Major stores. he's sitting On Millions in Cameras he can't sell, For the first time in 38 Years he's losing salesmen They get a small commission + salary and there dying. the Place was always a Beehive in the Pro dept of activity and there wasn't a day go by when all the Big time shooters were there Hanging Out. The Place is empty except for the rental dept with Lines every Morning returning stuff. No one Buys anymore. rent for the project and return. . The D800 and 810 were pretty good. at 36 MP BUT. they were both optimized @ F8 cameras because Nikon doesn't make lenses that can resolve 36 MP...PERIOD and either does canon. which means in a pro dept The megapixel Race is over.. 18 is max. Another friend of Mine is the head engineer for optics, he did the Keck and New Hubble. he knows optics and confirms this fact, He goes and does things he can't even tell his wife.. This is a issue with Nikon and Canon. Samy spent a fortune along with Phaseone on a in store display. I bought the 80MP system and took it back. It was BS. The pros with to much Money Buy this.......Good for them. im frugal to a fault.. The entire Upscale camera industry is in turmoil man.
  14. I think OK. loose the Border.