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  1. It's a Very old story. and he Plays it well is all I can say. I've seen the work. The term Is very simpley Called "Perceived Value" Many, Many artists In Many Mediums Have discovered this Long time ago..Theres a place here in Bergamont Station ,Santa Monica. It's maybe 25 Top Galleries in the world and top agents. He is represented there.
  2. I did a very Long bench test on that Lens. and Used 2 Copies to make sure If ya want My Findings PLS PM me.. As with anything you Put on a lens It must be the best Optical quality you can get and afford. I use heliopan or B+W for filters.I would not EVER used resin or Plastic on My Glass. Thats my advice.
  3. patrick is correct. 2 separate.
  4. Thanks guys for a real answer I can use. ya....mine came back in 20 Minutes. and they do a million + a week?. wow. When I reviewed I did an average of 30,000 a month. a 1000 a day.We were told By the boss to Take basically everything.I always got into trouble because I wouldn't . A Horizon was crooked and the owner would say accept it "Someone may want a Crooked Horizon" LOL
  5. Pls forward to me also. Thanks. getting a LOT of response to My post.
  6. We'll Talk tomorrow. I sent to VP of Content.
  7. Haven't uploaded for awhile. i have 300+ to do and I REALLY don't want to do them twice. I sent 16 as a test. all approved BUT....4...2 had completely different Titles that had nothing to do with the Images.. If this happened after the review Thats One thing But if before?..... someone needs to Learn english. anyone else?? other 2 were standard shots that said Poorly scanned and another said Bad Raster. I have no idea what a raster is and don't care and I haven't used a scanner in Years. Just amazing.
  8. write to everyone. sorry. welcome to microtheft.
  9. Never got a response. This happens constantly and sickens me. Darla is correct. Do you have the names of these sites?? SS is not that big on affiliates compared to others and I would demand an answer and....why are you only here?? thats foolish.SS is far from the only Game in town.
  10. Your welcome no real need to shoot anything at 900 ISO.except wildlife and sports. and F32 is because of 900 ISO. keep it at 200 Max. and use Light instead. The word "Photography" means the capture of Light. Light is everything. F32 will make your Lens get wonky.Only for Micro work and the Best Glass out there. Get that camera off of AUTO Please. you don't learn on auto and it's usually wrong.
  11. Your welcome.
  12. Your welcome Man. and thanks for saying Thanks. camera in my Hand 62 years.Think about shooting people doing what people do. #1 all time selling Category.Probably always will be. And I don't mean editorial. All ya need is a few friends. a good speedlight Flash , understanding of Light and confidence to be around people.And.......Ideas. Thats the work Part. Taking the Pics is the easy Part.
  13. Stephan....Thats the art part of Image making where Most Fail anyone can take a picture. I think ya have "IT" my friend just tell the story....simple
  14. Might be a Cliche" LOL. well theres a few thousand pages on ducks in every situation on the planet. If competition is what your looking for. this is the Place. Submit it. What the Hell. Sumithra. people doing what people do is what I recommend. Lifestyle sells a 100 to one against any other subject. always has and probably always will. I do Portrait work and that is not what I mean. I subscribe to 10 Lifestyle magazines from Oprah to Womans day. 99.9 % of all ads are people doing what people do. If you can Tap into that, you can do well.That would be my advice Doing Microstock.
  15. You called the other one cliche' It wasn't really. This one is. Lone tree has been done to death, I did a few 10 years ago. and funny enough My first sold stock shot was a lone tree in 1968.. But.. hey , never know, submit it and cross your fingers. Better than Most. a few Minor adjustments wouldn't hurt to make it POP.