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  1. Sony Handycam FDR AX-33

    yes, shockingly Low. trying to dump them. tech is 20 times faster Than manufacturing. they know this and can't keep up , so they dump and run. My oldest friend, a Nikon rep for about 26 years tells me they have tech Now that would scare everyone But are afraid to alienate the core Nikon Users. I love that part of the camera Business. Probably why I;ve always Loved to test Cameras.And now Phones and Apps, that world amazes me completely..........Big Time.
  2. Submission Page Update

    12 rejected and Now in My port. dumb and Dumber.Unbelievable what are we supposed to think and do?
  3. I PMED you. your doing everything.....EVERYTHING wrong.
  4. BINGO. I was waiting for that, Guys......keywords are more important than the Image with 153 Million to look at. think about it.
  5. Color cast after upload.

  6. Purple Flower

    Frank,,,,your gonna need to do a Lot better than a couple of out of focus common flowers of which there are thousands of.
  7. Why I have not selling of my arts?

    excellent advice.
  8. it's always fun to discuss statistics, right????....wrong. after you've seen 40,000 Posts like this, ask me again.
  9. smart Move and agree. Take it down. The organizers are fools.
  10. Sony Handycam FDR AX-33

    new cellphone is cheaper and does more things with many More options. It's not the camera. it's you coming up with good commercial Ideas much More. and the apps for Phones are darn cool.
  11. Submission Page Update

    does that to me also brian when Uploading and Picking Images to send from My Hard drive.. just another Move you have to make, then works. annoying.
  12. Programs for Creating Videos

    When I started doing stock Video, we used Tape Long before every camera made had video., LOL. when I moved Up I went way overboard. I got Final Cut Pro Like what pro film editors use that and avid. I have no idea now Looking back at what I was thinking. I took a very expensive 6 week class, I bought very expensive DVDs. Pretty darn stupid....LIKE REAL STUPID. then I learned im not Making a Movie here Im doing cheap 15 sec Stock clips....DUH!!!!! I now hit record and count to 15 and hit stop. I process My HD clips in freeware called Mpegstreamclip. clip the front and clip the end and upload. I don't do 4K. when everyone starts to receive it, I might. 4K TVs and all are being sent 720. not even 1080. Im in Los angeles 2 stations transmit 4K maybe 2 Hours a day. gonna be awhile before we get most stuff. Good TV make up the difference. and I would Like to see the numbers on sales of 4K compared to 1080. I shoot 4K and resize to 1080 for submission. But, Honestly Footage is Kinda over if ya ask Me compared. I have about 270 clips and 8/9 sold everyday when we made a good commission. And If I see another Drone shot.......LOL I did start a company in LA that we shot Location footage for Production Companies as the stock Business here with clips has been huge for a 100 Years. I sold it to the kids that shot for me. I'll take a commission instead of working anytime....LOL Keep it simple girl. Just Like stills. Concept,concept is the ticket to ride. this is my cousin. did this years ago and was a very good seller and the slider flower shot was a huge seller. why? who Knows. But it paid for all the gear. and took 20 secs to do.Thats a Home run and very Rare. something for ya.
  13. Submission Page Update

    See how easy that was. a Minute. I asked twice. is there anyway to Batch the releases into archival status?? Alex asked me to try that and It had no effect it was intended to have and when you have as many release as Me. It would take way to Long. and Happy Thanksgiving.
  14. Indexing some images may take just over 72 hours

    Maybe they will fix this. don't count on it. just wait.
  15. Comparing light meters from film and digital cameras

    Pull exposure and push process. Grain Im My Heyday was cool. we went for it. we pushed the hell out of everything Tri X and recording Film pushed to 10,000 here;s one from the early 60's I did when I was with Eileen ford agency. Caused quit a stir. 1966. we went for pointillism. brand new look when I did it and got me the Job in NY. this woman is 72 now. I still have thousands of contact sheets but a fire in 83 lost thousands more and all the negatives of early Rock and roll. would be worth a fortune. i had them all..LOL Anyone remember susan anton. heres a shot the day she won miss California. her manager was my manager.