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  1. For a proper recommendation. what are ya gonna use it for Im Nikon since 1959.My choice for used gear.https://www.mpb.com/en-us/?msclkid=8906bbe2d3a6170b0d22e6f80e4ba864&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=US|Bing|Brand|Search|New|Generic|All|Exact|US&utm_term=mpb camera&utm_content=Generic - Camera - Generic&gclid=CM2LtKuzleMCFbGqZQodUw0JLQ&gclsrc=ds Edward a Note....watch the to Many duplicate.similar Images. it turns off buyers. and Keywords and descriptions are #1 Importance.Speed of a lens Is #1
  2. Well Said.You are One of the new Breed Of Very experimental Players Here. Not Cakes and Tea But New Never seen Before work. Im Very proud of you . I Pass along Your Port to everyone I come across thats wants new and fresh and exciting.When I see your work First thing I see Is how far we have come and a How not far enough others have come ....Like 2004 Ish.
  3. Gregory. You submitted OOF pictures and wonder why rejected. REALLY? My friend YOU need to see this stuff and make corrections Long before you submit them If It can Be possible.. you could spend 1000's of dollars on a camera BUT....If you can't see and visualize a Photograph and do the Homework, Testing, Trial and error Of processing and all Camera functions And trials and Know whats wrong your wasting your Money. After reading your story and seeing what your submitting. I honestly don't think This is for you. I hate saying that and Maybe Only said It 10 Times Out of 57,000+ Posts.but I believe it to be true.Do Not believe anyone here that thinks they can go out and take 500 Pics Of stuff thats either done to death Or will be and do well. That Is delusional ...Period.And That Is based On experience and fact. it would be a fun Goal But thats about it. Professionally and commercially also going forward. I have a WHOLE BUNCH of long term friends here that may Or may Not Knock the Banks wall down ...But they Have Pride In every asset and It shows and those I am Proud Of and even Prouder to share this with them.. On the topic Of cellphone work. we have Gone through that subject excessively. I have about 250 In my Port that do Pretty Darn well. Lets say enough to Pay for it Many times Over. and even was Invited to do a 6 Images few week exhibit at the apple store In Beverly Hills. and sold the prints as thats My main Income stream. That and rentals and Interior decorators doing Hallways Of Hotels. Every Camera made has a Limitation and that applies to a cell camera also. YOU MUST KNOW and understand those Limitations. Theres some very cool work being done, I go to a Lot of specialty sites to watch them. You do have to use your eyes man. as Image makers thats basically all we have. Im shooting 60+ years and sold a Lot of stuff Over the years In a Whole Bunch Of Venues and I still Have No Idea what will Or won't sell. All I know Is what I Like. And that Gamut Is Huge. Good Luck Greg and I Have High Hopes for what ever you choose........Im here By PM if ya wanna Talk about whatever. Take a class somewhere. Learn processing and Learn Most of all to See then Capture It.. Thats all there Is. The rest Is Just the rest........
  4. Agree 100% with Doug and chris. very Poorly done to begin with, WB is terrible as Is exposure.And Looks OOF. Sorry. this would be pretty Much Opposite of what you need to submit. Spend your time searching whats here Greg.Of course what do I know?
  5. Nice Beginning port. Very Best of luck to you. Im here 14 years with 57,000 posts.Stretch out Girlfriend.
  6. well....This will Pretty much Be My last try at helping you. you have 70% of this Image that means Nothing. AGAIN....the Butterfly Is the subject. Not the Background or the flowers. Your Missing the whole Point.my eye goes Instantly to the Green Blob In the background. a 10 Second fix. Good Luck Going forward.
  7. Dave and i did a entire 3 Days workshop On food In a beautiful House In Kauai. amazing Kitchen.I would mention those that attended But there all working pros Now. No More 38 cents stuff. I did food Long ago with film. and never got back into it. to slow for me. and doing the cooking and the shooting Just wan't my thing. I needed a stylist. Dave and I did a Hot Bev Hills restaurant Once 10 years ago. the chef was a master at presentation.
  8. Leo, Just Ignore The Goofball Wanna be. His 15 minutes is about Up. if we had more Like Him in the beginning.this Place would not have ever happened.In the beginning this Place was dominated By Old school RM photographers. like me and a few 100 friends. and In the beginning it was 20 Cents a downlowd for everyone. I was Hired to write a article For POPPHOTO. you would be shocked what I wrote.
  9. Phil . Just looks like a Photographer.....LOL
  10. Like I've always said Glass stays , Cameras are disposable. Like My Old chum who was the chief Lens designer On the Keck telescope Once told me. "no Camera or Lens maker" YET....Has the the Ability to truly capture More than 18 MP Images. But, as I've said My current client can basically afford anything Leases me the 150 IQ Phaseone Camera and 3 lenses that comes closer By a Mile than My D850 and best Nikon Hand Picked Legacy Glass. And since you don't really Know me. You better believe Im a stickler on sharpness for certain Outputs .......Penny stock Not being One. I shoot very ....Very small Parts for the Hadron Collider. 3/4 Hours a shot. Enjoy Leo. new stuff Is fun. Currently Im In a Huge Hanger at LAX airport In a Clean Room. Just taking a Break. This is what pays the Bills. Not apples. Now you have the glass.....Lets get some subjects.....
  11. Like 30 Yr's Old.....really probably longer. the list is a mile Long Of food tricks.
  12. Believe it or not. I submitted the first rotten apple 2005 and It sold Like wildfire because at that time there was 350,000 Images here total.. Now theres 86 Pages of rotten apples. I did apples, Bananas and a slew of rotten stuff. Moral of the story. You think your original????? search.
  13. Exactly. theres Hate and then theres Experience and knowledge which Most here Nowdays hates. And those 2 things have some serious stuff being Overlooked. any Idiot can post here and Boy It's getting worse every day. walk a Mile kids then Tell Us about it. I Guarantee The Vast majority won't be here in a year. Nor will I. What I said is based On History which None of you Know or care about and Put down. Have fun. By all means Have fun and Please don't Listen to Me. 59 years with a camera earning a Partial Living means nothing. Take your Backyard flowers Kids. what would you do if this wasn't here???? What would be your output????C-mon Kids. tell us all about it. tell Us about which Gallery would show your work, What other outlets do you Have? C=mon Tough Guys. lets hear it. Guarantee Not a word from the wannabes. I Have Helped 1000's Of people In 14 years do better. HOW MANY HAVE YOU HELPED?? and I mean ANY OF YOU???? C_MON DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a List. do you?. I keep In touch with them all. and You would be surprized How many I helped Get the hell Out of here. Im the Only One who Posts on the critique forum For Years. You tough Guys don't have the Guts or talent to do the same. Come On say some smartass thing. Go Ahead. I won't care, I just consider the source.. I Help the same amount of people I always have 14,000 times and always will without any Of you smartass punks Knowing about it. I do It because it's My duty to give back. To a great life making Images and music has afforded me. Something ....I hate to say Most of you will never understand.......or accomplish. TRUTH!!!!! I would strongly suggest you ignore me as I do Most of you with nothing Helpful to say. My friends read this shit and tell Me. Go do something Helpful People. many here do. Go Join another forum with the Hate. Theres a Lot of them. some even Older than this One. But........Your not gonna get away with the same crap. They Have moderation. and there gonna look at your work ......God forbid. The 8/10 Haters Here Have to go....Period. If they had something constructive to say that would be different. They don't. Folks are leaving In droves Kids. stop It! I get Mail you wouldn't believe.
  14. OK. Lived through It. I think.It works. means it's fine. be sure to search whats here. description and keywords are gonna be Important. I think Honestly In 50 years the smart folks will come to the conclusion that we were pretty naive. go for it.598 Pages, I search before I submit or shoot Most things, Then i add "My Twist" on it..https://www.shutterstock.com/search/nuclear power plants?search_source=base_search_form&image_type=all&sort=newest
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