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  1. SS guidelines on Mary Jane please?

    Yes, the infamous doug Shutter with 341 Pages of Way over Processed weed stuff Classic Spammer and they let him do it. Now there are a good Million weed shots and related weed stuff. But Lindsey. think about composition and Lighting and stock Value....Please. Only One I submitted was wonder Woman shot without the Type. Thats a business Card. we supply Wholesale a Lot of Farmacys in LA. I do Photography for this Place. very grown up newage weed stores. This is the future. wineries in N,California are closing down and replacing the land with weed for a much better profit margin.. Israel is at the forefront at research for medicine, Sweden is the CBD medicinal water headquarters..
  2. Please point me where I made a mistake!

    they are correct ness. you just can't walk around taking anything. Like mirco said. don't be afraid of editorial which is a =Bunch of BS anyway Nowdays.
  3. Not true. I cut heads off all the time and do Pretty well. from what there accepting Nowdays ..I seriously doubt Poor framing is even in there vocabulary.The woman in the bank Pic is perfect Because....Composition ally she is facing a open door and the Light. If it was a wall?....Loser.
  4. I think it's a perfect concept classic stock shot. Not art in any way. head cut off?. who cares you get the story Instantly. think about that guys. your really not creating art your creating a Impression ....A snapshot of Life.
  5. SS guidelines on Mary Jane please?

    I have a ton of weed and weed related shots. always have. I don't do Pipes and stuff Because someone made them. Been a grower for a lot of years and invested heavily this year with my son in law.. Not to worry. just don't do products that others make or sell. me in front of A grow last year. 13ft. Indica and a drying room.Also our own Hybrid "Wonder Woman"
  6. Amazing return on investment

    Correct....IF. Micro is where your goning to stay. High end food work is quite a different BallGame.... Farbled Knows that. If you wanna take your work to that level and actually get paid. It can't just be your dinner. Look at the High end food work and I don't mean Stock food work. The rustic,Farm to Table on a beat up wooden table with a window light is so Old now. 2/3 years ago Offset.... stock work is not known as cutting edge anything. Like the instagram Junk that the Great shooters were doing 5 years ago. Get out of the bubble Guys. Easier said than done. new folks are still doing Apples They call Isolated which aren't.
  7. Amazing return on investment

    Thats a very Common Mistake. But....If your or you wanna be a specialist in a certain Genre' your gonna have to spend some Money My pardner and cousin had a fortune in Props for His High End food work. actually a complete garage full. I did Very High End product work Long Before microstock and had rooms full of stuff. My Product work has evolved into Catalog work for High End Furniture Makers and we Have sets. Like Movie sets of bedrooms we use. We have 3. If Micro is what you wanna do and you can't be cost effective or understand it. Your gonna be going Backwards for a very Long time.
  8. My sales on Just SS have traditionally come in the highest daily Numbers from the 1st to the 15th then scattered.Im always online at 7am In Los Angeles. still Never Had a zero Day In 13+ years
  9. 12.jpg

    Im kinda confused here. some very Interesting Illustrations and then this? are you in the right place? Just curious.
  10. Amazing return on investment

    Ya wanna make Money AND get respect? boy, your greedy.....LOL
  11. How to get promoted in weekly free image?

    Any Minute Now rudy And then followed By "It's ok with me" Whoo Hoo someone Likes My work.
  12. Hey Doc. you have a nice starting Port. Before you start adding Lots More Images . you need to seriously work on keywords you have some food that your calling the wrong Names or Local Names. think Global My friend and good luck. This is pretty much a numbers game.
  13. quoted in CNBC article

    Good for you, Great ,Nice simple clean Pure stock Port. very useful. A lesson for some. proud of ya.Love the folks on the beach with the birds. Great eye.
  14. everyday getting emails that my Images were rejected and there in My Port. Really?? And If there Not I get a file Transfer Error. C-mon.
  15. Keyword Tool

    Do all this before you upload. it's called metadata. file Info in Most programs.Then when you join other sites it's already there. It ain't rocket science my friend.