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  1. Museum artwork submitted as Editorial?

    Your work as I said Is mind Blowing good. why on earth do you wanna waste time on this. Try going into The LA county art museum and taking pictures. They will shoot you. and im with them. how can you even Imagine on making money On someone elses art.? and like i said. do you mind If I erase the Watermark on your work and copy it and submit it....Editorial???. Im lost here.Please clarify. I do artwork also and I make my living on it. i find anyone making any Money whatsoever on my artwork. I have a guy no one would want to deal with.
  2. Rejected because of "a rolling shutter"

    Google is your friend.
  3. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiit!

    which reminds me. when I bought my first digital Camera the Nikon D1 $6,999.00 it was 2.1 MP, the screen was 1 Inch x 1 1/4 In and a IBM flash drive was 1GB and cost $512 Dollars. I took It home and Played with it. in a week I took it all Back and told the Owner of the store who was my Friend and still is "If I were you I would not invest in this digital thing"....LOL
  4. Museum artwork submitted as Editorial?

    question. why spend time submitting Others artwork regardless of when it was done.. make your Own...Your Port is filled with beautiful original work that very few could do. Amazing work. what If I took a picture of your work and submitted it..
  5. show your best-selling photo

    best selling All Time. Shot Long ago.
  6. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiit!

    OK,,,,your stupid. LOL OK it's not about if. It's about when. It happened to me many Years ago. and my files go Back 40 Years of scanned negatives. I always thought It won't happen to me. IT DID and It took me months of 10 Hour days to rebuild My files. I went through 2 More scanners archiving everything again. my system Now is nuclear.. 4 redundant 6 TB=24 TB's of stuff on HD X 2 Plus Online auto Backup with Carbonite Plus 2 sets Of GOLD dvd's Of every Keeper and every client and Model Image kept or Not. One set here and another at a Friends House. it is never going to Happen again. PERIOD. Once you have done this, It's easy to continue.
  7. Do SS try to make a business suicide?

    Good luck with a answer on that. they think it's some voodoo. The Pot is simply Being stirred to make it appear Like new to return Buyers which BTW aren't stupid people... I had an Image that sold 2800 times then completely disappeared matter of fact many of mine did that. Give newbies a chance? Not if it cost me money. Sorry. Only if the work is better. period.
  8. global warming

    Are you going to comment? so we can discuss your Image YOU posted for a critique???
  9. TIRE CHAIN.jpg

    Question....are you going to answer if I help you by commenting?
  10. SOS! Why I have low sales

    Agree 100%. Learn To "Make" Photographs anyone can just "Take" Pictures.
  11. Suggestions for Camera Bags

    I have just about all Bags and cases made as we used to Travel a Lot doing workshops in exotic Places which Included full Blown studio equipment. with what you mentioned and the need for it to be carry On? I don't think so. and If you do find something. gonna be Pricey. I used Cases Not bags. good Luck. Our last trip It took 14 Cases.
  12. Offset vs Shutterstock?

    Yvonne. Your work needs to be Trendy. and you need Lots More of it.
  13. Offset vs Shutterstock?

  14. Sell your PHOTO , increase your clients.

    No Ya don't your first 2 posts are Normal.
  15. Sell your PHOTO , increase your clients.

    thats good Guys. in a year or so the way things are going. I may Take you up on that. Wow , Both perrys. cool.