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    Medical, Macro, Infrared,and anything else that catches my eye. Equipment and technique are important, Vision is supreme, Passion the reason...

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  1. I have been really pleased with PowerDirector 12 and I shoot 4K. I too looked around for an editor I could quickly get up to speed on, but also one I felt I could grow with. I tried Sony's MS Platinum 13 and it was okay, but I didn't find a great community of support like for PD12, YMMV... PowerDirector 12 (Cyberlink) can use many plug-ins, but what I really like, if you buy the 'package' is Cyberlink's Color Director, which I tend to liken to an Adobe Camera Raw for video. I go easily back and forth from ColorDirector to PowerDirector. My current view is that you don't need a lot of pl
  2. Yup, that's it... the keyword Trend tool. Well, if SS has it in a current ShutterBuzz blog entry, it's a shame the page is 'Forbidden'... sheesh... Hope they fix that. Thanks for the update...
  3. Thanks Dave, but I am asking something different. If you look at the Shutterbuzz blog, there is a NEW tool for Contributors... a seasonal keyword checker. So you type in 'Christmas', and it tells you when that keyword is in demand via a graph. This is different than keywords used to download your personal photos, with which I am very familiar... Soooo, where is the DARKROOM talked about in Shutterbuzz (08Aug2014)....?? Thanks
  4. Hi, read about The Darkroom (Keyword Trends) and I don't see it when I am logged in. Further, when I am logged in and clicked on the link in Shutterbuzz, it said denied because I didn't have permission. Where is it? I looked at all the drop down menus on the main contributor page, as far as I know. Thanks.
  5. Congrats Phil! I too had my first sale from a buyer in Africa. Way to go SS marketing! Way to go Phil
  6. I use Cyberduck to upload footage... no problems. Choose 'Continue'... I think it just means your password will not be encrypted when sent... no biggie for me. Your password is the same as what you use to log in to Shutterstock. Your login is the email address you have on file with Shutterstock. I let Cyberduck save/remember my password. If that does not work, perhaps you need to clear a cache somewhere... Hope this helps.
  7. +1 This would reduce tremendously the amount of posts asking the same questions for which there are already good answers. Please, SS, fix the Search function for the Forums... How about others chime in on this thread to get SS Admin's attention
  8. To Rekindle: That's terrible! Sorry for your Phantom loss. If the range is 2000 feet, maybe go back with a metal detector? In the future, what about the idea of putting a GPS locator on it. Saw an ad for this new locator (small about stamp size) battery good for a year, iPhone app, etc called Tile: article can be activated by sound/is additionally cloud based so others who find it (and have the app) could contact you ( I know, but there are still some good souls around). http://www.npr.org/blogs/alltechconsidered/2013/08/14/209917395/this-little-thing-may-help-you-find-your-
  9. Thanks Rinder, for your compliment on my Wasp clip. I saw this nest a year ago and was hoping it would be rebuilt/continued/reused? this year. I was quite stunned by the macro capability of the Sony FDR-AX100, and this after shooting the same wasp nest last year (just photos) with my Nikon D800E and the Nikon uber sharp Micro Zoom Nikkor 70-180mm!
  10. I just wasted 1/2 of precious time trying to get simple answers from SONY chat (just kept getting copy/paste 'answers' that didn't apply, UGH. Anyone with this camera, USA version that could help me out? Sony released a firmware Version 2 on 18Jun (today)that has focus improvements and added 1/50th second, which made me think it was not for USA cameras (PAL vs NTSC??), but I can't seem to find the firmware version of my camera. The webpage with the firmware download simply says 1)Turn on camera 2)On the camera, select 'MENU'> General Setting> Version But my MENU has General
  11. Norman: be careful of the GH4, there is a known audio buzzing problem I read about and don't know if that issue has been 'fixed' or if there is a workaround (I haven't kept up on the news, but google it and you will find recent (May 2014) entries. Edit: I didn't realize Norman's post was back in April, but I'll leave my response in case it is helpful to others.
  12. Thanks. I try to guess intelligently on the first submit, but in this case (a macro shot of a spider), the rather large SS watermark hides a majority of the subject!. Does the watermark show up if a customer places it in a lightbox for further inspection? Thanks.
  13. I distinctly recall the ability to later (after photo approval) change (higher, lower, etc) where the SS watermark goes. That seems to now be 'blue/greyed out' when going to edit a photo. Did I miss something? Can we still raise or lower the watermark on an already approved photo? Thanks.
  14. From the hotel, I uploaded a 70MB 12 seconds clip in ~ 2 minutes with 'Hi-Speed' Internet access. Pleasantly surprised. And it showed up ready to edit on SS in another 1-2 minutes.
  15. Thanks Rekindle, Good information for the future. I will also try uploading a clip from the hotel room to see how long it takes and report back here in case the information is helpful to others. I'm sure the time variability is wide, but perhaps not too painful (walk away and do something else while uploading).
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