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  1. Great month for me all round!Better than May for me...
  2. Hi Fouroaks, I have increased my portfolio also. A few images have been accepted at sites that are stricter... but I just keep uploading... Trying to get my sales up. Congrats on the increased portfolio. It sometimes takes a while to get taken up... Good luck on the sales!
  3. It’s slower... Just a QUESTION... What’s your experience with your acceptance ratio the since Terms changed? I have a lot of rejections lately. We all need approvals to keep up sales running...
  4. Ice

    Mac versus pc!

    Hi Andreas, Can you maybe give mne the ideal specs for your Mac Book Pro? I'm Also switching. Going for the Mac Book Pro and then also the Slim Mac (new one) for my wife. Any advice on specs as I know nothing about MAC. Ok, What other software would you advice me to buy from the start? THANKS!
  5. Mine also picked up. Awsome nature shots Christopher!
  6. Who are you all, to know his every move ? Sean is my Big Brother! Then there is also Carla... One of the best photographers in SA ... Like you say .. it runs in the family!
  7. Baie geluk Sean! Glo jy het 'n GREAT dag gehad. Het jou probeer bel. Congrats BRO!
  8. This image sold 5 times on the last day of FEB 07
  9. Hi, Can anyone help me with a link on what are the upload requirements and what formats are accepted? Many Thanks, Frans
  10. Ice

    First SALE for 2007!

    De Wild Luiperd Plaas? Very niceley edited!
  11. Happy New Year! Lets have a look at your first sale for 2007!
  12. Normal month for me. Was a bit slower in beginning but picked up nicely! Enjoy!
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