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  1. Thanks, it's not my personal favorite of my collection. Maybe my highest seller because it's my oldest.
  2. I prefer the smaller sizes also. I don't like making large sweeping motions with my hands when I draw. I guess it depends on you drawing style. My one regret in purchasing the cheaper 4x6 is that there is only one set of buttons on the left side of the tablet. I was forced to disable them because I am left handed and as I draw my left hand is constantly touching them. It makes me feel a little cheated that I don't get to use them. Best of luck Bill
  3. I think you might have the mis-conception that all vectors can be compatible, or made to be compatible. It is not like bitmapped images such as jpeg, and gif where any program can load them. Some vector files will never be compatible with each other. Even in programs made by the same company they are not completly compatible. Best of luck Bill
  4. Uploaded my first 3 vids this week and got them all approved. Wish me luck. http://footage.shutterstock.com/videos.html?submitter_id=6512
  5. I know this is a little nit pickey but mpeg1 is one of the older formats and is playable by really old macs and pc's without the need for installation of software where as .mov requires the installation of Quicktime on a pc. I've tested mpeg1 on Macs with OS8, and on old windows 3.1 operating systems. Splitting hairs I know but when I used to edit video for my full-time job this was something I had to take into consideration when distributing training videos to sales reps. I'm sure it's not much of an issue anymore but some of those guys barely knew how to turn a computer on let alone ins
  6. A lot of these look like something you'd find on a calendar rather than your typical ad agency photos, or maybe a puzzle manufacture... interesting and all beautiful.
  7. Have you sold any Enhanced License Sale items? There's no stats that I'm aware of where you can look up the most popular in that category. At $20 a pop I'd be interested in what sells as an ELS. I've sold this one several times. [/img]
  8. One of my co-workers is afraid of being stung. A few weeks ago he was running away from a bee, fell, and tore his rotator cup. He has to go in for surgery in a couple of weeks. Goes to show you that something is gonna get you.
  9. John Wayne Gacy was a clown. They found about 28 bodies under his basement.
  10. LOL, sounds just like me. I'm not so bad with balloons anymore, but I don't think I'll ever get over canned biscuits. If there's anybody around I make them do it. If no one is around I carefully grab the corner of the paper, extend my arm out as far as I can, turn my head and jiggle the paper off. I you watch me it looks like I'm disarming a bomb. With static electricity I walk around with my keys in my hands touching door handles with them before opening the door.
  11. The exact same thing happend to my mother. Luckily she was in the car with my Father or she would not have made it to the hospital in time. She also had her valve replaced and lived to a ripe old age. When she passed on it was from something non related if that will make you feel any better.
  12. Got a weird phobia? My weirdest one is that I have a fear of opening canned biscuits. I can't do it without flinching. I also have a fear of static electricity, and blowing up baloons. Ya there's a theme there.
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