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  1. Nice use of backlighting - but I don't see why you made it editorial.
  2. You've been busy since the last time I looked - this is awesome!
  3. You could try to get some retroactive press credentials.
  4. Out of focus, white balance is off, underexposed, subject too small in frame, odd choice of post processing, banding in the background. Also, you want your subject looking into the frame, not out of it. Lastly, you'll need a specific common name as well as scientific name because anyone who is looking for this image will be looking for specifics.
  5. I like this one better than the other. I would clone out the road signs and make it all nature. But I think you did well with the exposure.
  6. Agree. And there is a dull, brownish-yellow color cast to most as I see it on my monitor. You may want to adjust your white balance. On this one, other than the focus, I would crop out much of the muddy background as it is unappealing.
  7. A nice, relaxed looking group. Always love the horsies.
  8. The image above is my first experiment with a new background - I guess it's just too common. I like it, though.
  9. Mostly the same here, except July hasn't perked up at all. I agree with Linda - variations are different for everyone. To the OP - for me, yes, summer is definitely slow.
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