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  1. Mark Grenier

    Delete and Resubmit.

    Thanks, just figured it out as you were posting. Thanks.
  2. Mark Grenier

    Delete and Resubmit.

    Previous system made it easy to delete and resubmit an edited image. Can't figure out how with new system. Help, please. Thanks.
  3. Mark Grenier

    Keyword Tool

    Thank you for detailed directions. So much more complicated than the earlier upload process. Do contributors really find this to be an improvement? Still, thank you again.
  4. Mark Grenier

    Keyword Tool

    I cannot see how to add the keywords to the editing page. Please explain step-by-step how that works. Thanks.
  5. Mark Grenier

    Keyword Tool

    Please explain how the keyword tool works. Thanks.
  6. Mark Grenier

    Keyword Finder

    How do I upload keywords from the keyword suggestion tool into the image I'm uploading? After selecting all the words I want to use, I cannot find a button that will place the suggested words where they need to go.
  7. Mark Grenier

    Can't edit pending image - no pencil icon

    Yes. It's maddening! Previous system was not perfect. But this "system" is beyond awful. Please, Shutterstock, return to earlier uploader.
  8. Mark Grenier

    New Submission format is challenging

    Terrible upload "system." Please fix!
  9. Mark Grenier

    What is this CRAP!?!:

    Absolutely horrible uploading system!
  10. Mark Grenier

    What is this CRAP!?!:

    Terrible upload system. Can't find how to upload reference image.
  11. Mark Grenier

    Upload reference image

    Can't see how to upload reference image using new upload system. Help, please. Thanks.
  12. Mark Grenier

    New Upload System

    The new upload system is hard to understand.
  13. Mark Grenier

    paths are poorly constructed

  14. Mark Grenier

    paths are poorly constructed

    A reviewer rejected my image because "paths are poorly constructed." The image I submitted was a JPEG. Is this a usual cause for rejecting a JPEG?
  15. Mark Grenier

    Upload not possible!

    Not working!