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  1. Mark Grenier

    How to delete accepted image

    I've noticed a flaw in an image that has been accepted. I want to delete and resubmit revision. How to delete, please?
  2. Mark Grenier

    Keyword Tool

    Previous keyword tool work fine. Every time I try to use this new key were truly the words are not saved and I cannot paste them back in the submit page. Frustrating!
  3. Mark Grenier

    Keyword Tool

    Thanks. So much more complicated than previous upload version. But thanks.
  4. Mark Grenier

    Uploader Not Working for Me

    Working now. Very slow.
  5. Mark Grenier

    Uploader Not Working for Me

    Not working for me. Anyone else not able to make uploader work?
  6. Mark Grenier

    The Contributor page is not loaded

    Not loading.
  7. Mark Grenier

    Image removal

    Thank you, FrontlitPhotograph. Found it. Did it. Done.
  8. Mark Grenier

    Image removal

    How do I delete an image? Tried using the editor, but that does not seem to work.
  9. Mark Grenier

    Upload problems................................Again

    Can't upload again. "Improved" system is no improvement.
  10. Mark Grenier

    Upload Issues..?

    Uploader seems to be working again. Thank you, Shutterstock.
  11. Mark Grenier

    Upload issue

    My jpg. images are well over 4mp. Still not uploading .
  12. Mark Grenier

    Delete and Resubmit.

    Thanks, just figured it out as you were posting. Thanks.
  13. Mark Grenier

    Delete and Resubmit.

    Previous system made it easy to delete and resubmit an edited image. Can't figure out how with new system. Help, please. Thanks.
  14. Mark Grenier

    Keyword Tool

    Thank you for detailed directions. So much more complicated than the earlier upload process. Do contributors really find this to be an improvement? Still, thank you again.
  15. Mark Grenier

    Keyword Tool

    I cannot see how to add the keywords to the editing page. Please explain step-by-step how that works. Thanks.