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  1. Just wondering if any contributors have started limiting the number of vector images that they submit as a reaction to the new guidelines for uploading them. Thanks for your input on this question.
  2. Image was just reviewed and accepted but it looks like crap on my artboard. Beats me.
  3. I just uploaded an image that was accepted for review, but the image on my artboard has unnecessary white space around it. Is that to be expected, or will the image be rejected because of it?
  4. Thank you. I have tried all suggestions and I still don't get it. I am using Illustrator CS3. That version does not have" Object>Artboards>Fit to selected art/Fit to artwork bounds". It does not appear in my version. Is anyone using CS3 who can walk me through this? Thanks.
  5. How do I make artwork be at least 4 megapixels?
  6. I do not understand how to comply with the new requirement for uploading vectors. Will someone please describe exactly the steps in making the bounding box fit the new guideline? Thanks.
  7. I've noticed a flaw in an image that has been accepted. I want to delete and resubmit revision. How to delete, please?
  8. Previous keyword tool work fine. Every time I try to use this new key were truly the words are not saved and I cannot paste them back in the submit page. Frustrating!
  9. Thanks. So much more complicated than previous upload version. But thanks.
  10. Not working for me. Anyone else not able to make uploader work?
  11. Thank you, FrontlitPhotograph. Found it. Did it. Done.
  12. How do I delete an image? Tried using the editor, but that does not seem to work.
  13. Can't upload again. "Improved" system is no improvement.
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