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  1. I've been hearing on the news about the complaints about Apple taking 30% profit on app store sales. I think what Shutterstock has done is a lot worse. Not sure if I wasted my time but I filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission explaining what has happened here: https://www.ftc.gov/faq/consumer-protection/submit-consumer-complaint-ftc
  2. Thank you Elliot, I would be interested in that, I have a Smug Mug account, I will look into those links soon...
  3. I'm wondering if the earnings restructuring by Shutterstock, has hurt them in numbers of sales. Can it be that I stopped uploading after the announcement so fewer views in general, as my number of sales has been cut in half, never mind the lower royalty of many 10 cent images. So is Shutterstock also getting less downloads as a whole?? Maybe this would cause them to back track on this somewhat. You try something, results not good you need to adjust, otherwise poor leadership for the contributors as well the stock holders!
  4. The amount of royalty that Shutterstock cut is ridiculous. Why not just a few cents to save money, it would have added up, but we are talking about 38% or more pay cut!! Is it that they wanted to eliminate millions of images and hope for fresh good content from people willing to sell work cheap? Just an awful, uncaring business decision. I will not upload any new content and if I don't get some decent extended licenses, I will remove my portfolio as well at the end of the month.
  5. I have two .38 sales this morning, I have stopped uploading to Shutterstock and Bigstock (owned by Shutterstock). Will not resume until Shutterstock takes care of it's long time photographers. No new content.
  6. I think this would be a great solution,(Do Not Reset in January for Long Time Members) long time members should not be knocked down like this, this takes the heart out of wanting to upload to Shutterstock! I have been consistently uploaded since 2006, very proud of my portfolio of well over 4000 images, and over 40,000 downloads, it is unconscionable that Shutterstock would do this to a loyal contributor, this is worse than we are treated by politicians.
  7. This is crazy, why should long time contributors be penalized, haven't you heard of seniority? I've been a contributor since 2004, I was expecting a raise, not a pay cut, just horrible news, I would hope Shutterstock would reconsider this new approach that hurts every contributor every year!
  8. Well I'm hoping it's getting back to normal four me, 5 on demand since Monday including 3 this morning!
  9. Oh thanks,good to hear I'll see what happens next week, hopefully it's only temporary!
  10. Did anyone else notice a sudden drop off in May of the on demand downloads. Mine have stopped dead and I was getting plenty right up until the end of April.
  11. Finally received my reviews today, time to start thinking about another batch!
  12. Over a month now, still waiting, hope I'm next!
  13. 23 days and counting, never happened here before to this extent!
  14. I have 14 editorial since February 18th waiting for review and those were time sensitive. All together I have 42 waiting on review, including 15 editorial just uploaded. Hopefully soon, we need the new exposure!
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