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  1. You have to do a property release if you are the artist. You assigning the rights to you with a witness. It's weird but its what they want.
  2. The uncropped image is better -- gives designers room to work
  3. Where you should pay tax is generally determined by where you are resident. You can't just pay it on different forms of income wherever you want.
  4. Fill in the tax form, if your country has a tax treaty with the US it will stop being withheld
  5. In a zoo the animals are some one's property and they may not allow pictures of them to be used commercially.
  6. Might be legal, but still a nasty way to retaliate. A sign of the direction they are going in.
  7. The problem with the search engine is why I started sourcing from istock when I buy. When I raised the issue in the forum a bunch of people explained why I was 'wrong'. But facts is facts. Even when it is not glitching it's not a great search engine.
  8. The people who started "Black Lives Matter" seem to reflect a movement back to the term.
  9. So, also good luck to users trying to find pictures of people who identify and describe themselves as black?
  10. I also like reddit's 'what is this' groups. The have ones for plants, bugs, rocks etc
  11. The slogan makes no sense and seems to mock BLM. That wont fly.
  12. So if the reset all to tier one now, do they stay stuck there until January when they begin to earn up? What is the 'year' for tiers.
  13. The buyers/customers want sharp images because that is just what they want. Not every photo, no matter how nice, is good for stock.
  14. They don't go back and exhaustively re-screen old or missed contravening shots. But any artwork that might be under copyright is a problem now
  15. It's a Russian SMENA -- recognizable with logo or not https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smena_(camera)#/media/File:Lomo_smena_8m.jpg If I can tell that, it's not generic enough
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