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  1. LOL I have pet Cuban tree frogs so they look super appealing to me.
  2. If they often do work about that area and have a subscription they may grab pics for later use to max out the subscription and get best value
  3. What will cause you trouble here is submitting something that immediately and intuitively looks like a photo, as an illustration, as that it will get rejected for being in the wrong category and/or cause frustration for customers looking for illustrations that look like illustrations. If you can make a photo genuinely look like an illustration then there is no difference, but based on the two examples show so far I don't think you are doing that.
  4. What you have attached is to my eye, and probably the potential customer's eye, not a drawing but a highly modified photograph. To sell as an illustration it first needs to look like one.
  5. The net worth site is wildly inaccurate, generally over-estimating. That said, I am sure she is poor for someone used to being rich, rather than poor poor.
  6. Even within the rules they could use them in ways that might distress a parent, or be picked up from where they are used online and made part of offensive material
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