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  1. Question is there a way to delete uploaded footage before its approved?? I realized I uploaded the wrong version of a file - one version which I have used has black at the end and is longer than the one I edited down for SS....its a total of 1:05 minutes...I know it will be rejected because of this and I hate wasting reviewers precious time....it as a very late night mistake after the damn FTP timed out on me the first attempt to upload my batch of videos. It's number 136 if a reviewer happens to see this:-) Also as a side note...when you click on the submission number should you be seeing
  2. I always shake my head in disgust when one of my images is rejected for noise...mostly because I can't find any....I am really careful with what I upload and I have also been a graphics professional for 12 years - have these reviewers ever downloaded $400 images from Getty - I certainly have many times and they always have moise/grain.
  3. Its funny I had a photo rejected that was perfectly lit, no hotspots, no lens flare, and has been accepted at 4 other sites. Can't figure out why it was rejected but it was the "Lighting, shadow, washout, or lenses flare problems" and its also very stock worthy. I have submitted 30 images and have only had 3 denied all 3 for this reason.
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