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    Yuri Arcurs is the world’s top selling microstock photographer and sells over 400000 individual licenses per year.

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  1. FANTASTIC!!!! Well Done! Some spectacular images! Lots of hard work has paid off! I know you are very keen on digital quality, so the buyers of those images will get stunning quality for their money! !!!
  2. Sum1 plz guide me with the MRs attaching for clips. I have around 500 clips awaiting submission, but cant do so as the option for adding the MRs aint there:( For the stills, the option of attaching MRs are on the page itself but strangely that's not in the case wit the clips.. Plz C d attached jpg 4reference..
  3. Taking a shot at a couple of these -- most of them are just rhetorical nonsense. "Stupid is believing the problems we have can be solved by the same people that created them." History tells us that the two major financial dislocations that dwarf all of the rest in modern history have Republican roots. The Great Depression in 1930 occurred after no less than 9 years of complete Republican control of the House, Senate and presidency. The Great Recession of 2008 occurred after 10 years where Republican control - though less than complete - was overwhelming (8 years Republican presidency, 8 years of Senate control, 6 year House control, and a decidedly right leaning SCOTUS) Source: http://www.dflorig.com/partycontrol.htm Solution: Elect Democrats. Not because they are perfect or blameless but because they have a better record solving financial problems and no third party is going to be able to gain the necessary control of the reins of government. Crazy is saying you're going to create jobs by spending unimaginable amounts of money that you borrow from the very same people (China) that you gave all the jobs to. The Chinese currently hold nearly a $trillion of U.S. debt. The overwhelming majority of this debt is from the last two Republican administrations. Clinton actually started paying it off but Bush decided to cut taxes so the budget went back into deficit. The Obama administration has been forced to borrow in order to stimulate the economy. In 1930 a Republican administration did not borrow to stimulate the economy and the result was the Great Depression. We don't want to do that again. We will have to start paying off this debt when the economy recovers. The Democrats have a very good record of paying down debt. Every Democratic administration since the end of WWII has reduced the Federal Debt burden (Debt as a % of National Income). All but one Republican administration has increased it. The Obama administration has already added more jobs than the Bush administration did in 8 years. Solution: Elect Democrats. Not because they are perfect but because they have a better record managing debt and no third party is going to be able to gain the necessary control of the reins of government. fred Read all your posts. Very insightful. I agree to your point on Democrats and the state of economy. The same was the case for Denmark. I am not particularly Democratic nor Republican, but I know from experience that when a Country elects a democratic government that their economy will get stronger. Slowly, but stronger. Same will probably happen for the US. I predict that the dollar will be very strong over the coming year. We might even see it go head to head with the Euro.
  4. by the way. Good point about changing times. Look at some my own images just recently uploaded. Certainly not standard white balance. Do they sell? Yes!
  5. Blurry images sell like hot cakes. I do not understand the rejections. If the images are good, they should go online. For me the defining line for when an image is intentionally blurred is if it is visible from the thumbnails that it is meant to be blurred. That way the customers do not get frustrated when clicking in intentionally blurred image and they know what they are getting. Blurry shots sell a lot. Reviewers...know this!
  6. I am not sure this is legal use. Does your model know about this?
  7. Logos

    A Crisis

    I so need a gasmask. Actually I think I have one. Well then I so need to post pictures of it. Excellent post. Super funny.
  8. I agree. Do a forum policy: No self promotion posts.
  9. and speaking of mothers and tounges Fifi was a mother once and has a mighty nice tounge Fifi the Bichon Frise smiles as she sits in front of an American Flag and on a mirror for reflections Forth of July Series http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-31886230/stock-photo-fifi-the-bichon-frise-smiles-as-she-sits-in-front-of-an-american-flag-and-on-a-mirror-for.html Fifi and I both speak English and Dog HAHHAHAHAHAHAH !
  10. Check out my blog if you want to see rude people.
  11. Good Job. Excellent shots! You must be earning a killer
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