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    Travel, Film/TV/Advertising Extra, Education, Geography and History. Keen walker. Good [not fancy pants stuff though] food.

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  1. george green

    Google to Shutterstock

    +1 It is the way Google works.. but Dilomski is correct, I am sure we lose may OD's due to this. Perhaps SS can approach Google about it.
  2. george green

    Rejection reason

    I'm inclined to agree with Tom. But I don't want to risk it, so I will avoid adding any shots I knowingly take on NT property to my port in future.
  3. george green

    Leaving TV and Seattle...

    It can never be over for someone with your talent, Phil. There will be new opportunities and freelancing that will happen. Great to see you putting family first and hope you have many happy years with your mother in Florida. Best wishes to her.
  4. george green

    Rejection reason

    I received a reply very promptly and it is pretty clear that we can not submit any photos taken on NT property without a commercial licence. Sorry if that is inconvenient, but I for one will be double careful of where I take my shots from in future. I will stick to public roads where possible! Many thanks for your email. Yes that’s correct – we do not permit any images taken on National Trust land to be submitted to online photo libraries, agencies, on-line providers or directly to image buyers. Please read through a brief description of our Photo Policy below, and let me know if you have any questions: Photo Policy Access to take photographs or make films for anything other than ‘personal use’ requires a licence and there may be a licence fee to pay. Our definition of ‘personal use’ includes sharing the images with friends and family and using the images for your own private study. What it does not include is selling or distributing the images in any way for publication (electronically or print). Commercial photography and filming on National Trust land: If you plan to take commercial photography on National Trust land you must first gain permission from our Filming & Locations team. Commercial photography is any photography that will be used in a product for sale or distribution for direct financial gain or marketing/ promotional purposes. Commercial filming is any filming that will be used for direct financial gain or marketing/ promotional purposes. Prior consent is required for both commercial photography and filming on National Trust land. Contact: filmoffice@nationaltrust.org.uk Please also take a look at our filming locations website. Requests managed at property level: Wedding, engagement and portrait photography Student photography Photography workshops Requests to undertake the above are managed directly by property staff. Please contact the National Trust property directly for further information. You will need to complete a booking form and contract, and there may be a fee to pay. Press Photographers: The National Trust Media Pass does not entitle journalists to take photographs for publication. All requests from newspapers and press agencies must be addressed to the Images Team. Contact images@nationaltrust.org.uk Editorial photographers: Eligible professional photographers can now acquire an annual license from National Trust Images to take photographs out of doors on pay-on-entry National Trust land for editorial use only. For further information about the scheme please contact permit.photography@nationaltrust.org.uk Professional photographers: Professional photographers must gain consent prior to taking commercial photography on National Trust land. Please note, images taken at National Trust properties must not be submitted to photo libraries, agencies, on-line providers or directly to image buyers. Please contact filmoffice@nationaltrust.org.uk to gain prior consent for your photo shoot. Visitor photographers: Visitors are permitted to take photographs at National Trust properties for their own personal use only. Amateur photography and filming of historic interiors, without flash, is permitted at the property’s discretion. Please speak to a member of staff at the property to find out what their policy is. What about social media? Visitors are entitled to post their photographs of National Trust places on their personal social media accounts as it falls within our definition of ‘personal use’. However, this does not include business accounts. If a user’s social media account is commercial they will need permission to use photographs of National Trust places from National Trust Images. Contact: images@nationaltrust.org.uk
  5. george green

    Rejection reason

    I have emailed NT with my enquiry with one of my images attached. I await an answer and will post their reply on the forum, but I hold little hope of my images being accepted unless I purchase a licence, as a full professional photographer would.
  6. george green

    Rejection reason

    Thank you all for your replies. I had wondered if the national trust had something to do with it....... But as the National Trust owns so much of rural UK, especially in National Parks like the Lake District, I did not think they placed restrictions on landscapes..... I must have a word......or more importantly get retrospective permission for the shots I took before resubmitting. Thanks again everyone.
  7. george green

    Rejection reason

    I'm puzzled.....again. There are Many photos of The Giants Causeway, the World Heritage site in Northern Ireland [most of which are horribly oversaturated BTW]. So following my recent trip to the area I sent in five shots as 'Editorial' as there were tourists I do not know enjoying the day. All five submissions were rejected with this note...….. Non-Licensable Content: Due to legal compliance restrictions, we cannot license this content in our collection. As there are already shots of the place on site must I assume they slipped through our rigid acceptance procedures? All advice greatly accepted. Thanks
  8. george green

    New keywords to old pic.

    Thank you so much Alex and Philip. This has worked and is so easy. You are both too polite as neither agreed that I must be getting old and slow.! Thanks again for taking the time to help.
  9. george green

    New keywords to old pic.

    Hi, I may be getting old and slow in many ways, but I used to go into accepted pics, which is no longer an option and add new keywords. I can't do that now so how, if at all, can I add new relevant words, or delete old words spelt wrongly or no longer relevant. Is it possible or have SS just found another way to mess with our heads? help greatly appreciated
  10. george green


    Another old timer who's contribution to the forums I'll miss. Good luck with your ventures.
  11. george green

    This right here is what's killing Shutterstock

    World Domination.....all that matters. Collateral damage to individual photographers, quality and reputation is unavoidable and unfortunate but will not deter the quest. All we can do is pick up crumbs that fall our way and be thankful.... and reflect on the part we have played in our own downfall. While I get a pay out every month or two I am resigned to be relatively discontented with my crumbs.
  12. Largely boring. Fed up with the play acting. fed up with players trying to con refs. fed up with var officials who don't officiate. yes, overpaid, primadonnas who wouldn't last a day doing real work. BUT glued to screen for all matches and can't wait for the domestic season to start. Teams I like, in this order (domestic league) Preston North End (World Cup) England others not at World Cup Italy, Zambia, Malawi, Ireland
  13. george green

    Reasonable income?

    Sorry Maria, the answer to your question is no. A yes would be so rare it would be mathematically insignificant. Treat it as a hobby that sometimes pays pretty good. Don't count on making much then you will enjoy what you d make all the more. Good luck.
  14. george green

    Just a little fun...

    Tunnels of depression can be long and dark, but chinks of light will appear, often unexpectedly, and become brighter one day. The things and people you love will always be there and your talent for photography will get you through this. Hope things improve real soon and that light will shine brightly.
  15. george green

    Help for new member

    Sorry....I like your enthusiasm.. but I think everything I see is guesswork as far as camera settings and composition go. Please join a camera club, take lessons, read everything you can and get to know how your camera works in different environments with different lenses and settings.....its like practicing your scales when learning to play an instrument ....or learning your times tables before you do more difficult stuff in Maths. The effort will be worth it. And think...why will the buyer want this shot before taking it and submitting it. Good luck