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    Travel, Film/TV/Advertising Extra, Education, Geography and History. Keen walker. Good [not fancy pants stuff though] food.

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  1. I don't know how the Google algorithm works, but I do believe that if a buyer has a specific image in mind he will buy it from either the agency his employer has a contract/subscription with whatever the cost, or from the cheapest supplier he can find if he has a quick choice available. Few buyers will spend too long searching in order to save themselves $1 or less. The removal of photos is a risk. If a lot of buyers who use SS no longer see my portfolio and buy other shots, which must happen, as they don't get access through my cow pic then I will have metaphorically shot myself in the foot. At the moment I am prepared to take that risk.
  2. I'm no statistician Blue Corner, but in June my cow sold 9 times here at SS for a total of $1 .YES! YES! Lets do cartwheels and have a party!!! In the same period it only sold twice at Ad* for a total of $1.73 ie 86.5c per download. Sales of the shot increased at Ad* while I was away, never less than 70c per download. Hence my removal of those shots from SS I will do the same for other shots that repeatedly sell for less at SS. You are right, SS wins on volume of sales, but they will no longer get my best shots.
  3. I have removed my biggest seller though...a cow hung over a gate which has sold over 900 times here..... as it is so unique that 10c sales are not good enough and I don't want to undermine myself and higher value sales at Ad*be, which I must admit have grown over 40% during my period away. Another pro for Shutterstock is the ease of uploading Editorial shots and something I want to do more of. Adobe does not accept editorials except by invitation.
  4. I ask myself the same question, Mike. 🤔 I returned because Shutterstock owe me money and I will stay till I reach minimum payment level which used to be a month or two at the most, now it will probably be 6 months to a year! Also after investing 15 years building a diverse and often unique portfolio here I am loath to destroy that without giving the system a chance. On the positive side I do get sales of more than 10c and the volume of sales has been pretty good, but as I said ,... I am not happy at the moment and my position is under review.
  5. I suspended my portfolio from sales for a month but have now returned. Why did I suspend my portfolio after 15 years with Shutterstock? Two reasons: 1. Payment structure changes which. Enough has been said of this....... still fuming In my month away I have sold 1 picture on Al*my for more than a month of Shutterstock sales would give me. I have had numerous sales of my famous 'Cow and Gate' picture through Ad*be for over 70c a time when I was only getting 10c a time here. Consequently I have removed both my 'Cow and Gate' shots from Shutterstock. 2. I had uploaded new images of cattle.....accepted by Ad*be and others, but THREE times they were rejected by Shutterstock for NOT ENGLISH! I brought this to the attention of reviewers but am not satisfied with their reasons and continual rejection of this photo. So you can tell I am not a happy bunny. I am loath to completely sever my connection s with Shutterstock but may do so, but it is fair to say it is not the agency it once was and I wonder what the founder really thinks of recent developments.
  6. Gone are the days when I sold dozens of shots a day and hundreds a month. I have only sold seven subscription shots so far this month. I am giving it a month or two to make my mind up. See how things pan out and the changes affect my income. So far I have had 1 sale at 36c....3 sales at 10c...[boo hiss and everything bad]…… and 3 sales at 56 cents...Yippee. If sales grow at all and I continue to receive a large % of subscription sales at 56c or above I will be happy and will not delete my account. Never rush into knee jerk reactions. Wait and see and make a reasoned choice.
  7. Over Over 800 downloads...…. very likely to go soon as I regularly get 5x payment elsewhere.
  8. And it looks like my earnings going forward will be around $2-3/month!! There is a disparity somewhere, is there not? I will not be around for long if that is the case.
  9. Racism is no joke. This is not the platform for such comments.
  10. Like many others. I have been a contributor since 2005 and have sold thousands working my way up the levels. Now I'm sold down the river. My best sellers will earn me half or less than they have done WHILE THE COMPANY KEEPS A BIGGER SHARE. Lets be clear here. Our images will not be sold cheaper. We will get a lower cut. I am tempted to leave...Watch this space!!!!!!!! Angry. You Bet. Will the accountant who thought up this cunning plan, and has angered so many, be getting a raise?
  11. Hi Kevin, it is always good to see our images in print so congratulations for that, but the downside to this business is that we get paid peanuts. Someone will correct me if I am wrong, but I was under the impression that 500,000 copies need to be printed befor an enhanced licence is required, and even enhanced licences do not pay as much as they used to on many occasions. ps. Amazing photo's...... You even have Darwen Tower! I can almost see that from my bedroom... 8 miles away!
  12. I am making 25% of what I did 10 years ago, but I am not working at it. I don't upload like I used to and am a little lazy! OK, bone idle most of the time. Fortunately many photos I took ten years ago, and more, still sell, so once again I hope to pay for my season ticket at PNE with my earnings along with other things.
  13. Did she not see you about to take the shot and step back while you finished? How inconsiderate of her. Either that or She should walk with her eyes open! You did nothing wrong. Don't fret.
  14. What really plays with your mind is when they ask for an English translation for words that are already English. I have had this several times for unfamiliar place names in Northern England or geographical descriptions.
  15. One must remain optimistic at new year, even if everything is crumbling around you! It is the law! All the best to everyone for 2019. May your sales be on the up all year.
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