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  1. It seems that everybody is getting the 10Cent downloads despite the level. I had a few downloads and only 10 cent. I am level 3. It is more than 70% reduction.
  2. My first 0.10 (0.38 before) and 1.37US... This is more that 70% reduction.
  3. I have similar rejections lately and sometimes the images of the same subject are completely different in terms of composition and backgrounds
  4. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/modern-luxury-apartment-rooms-balconies-535371583
  5. I am doing this all the time . And since photos on SM are low resolution images, I think there is no issues. I also share photos from SS on Social Media and my portfolio.
  6. I also have a lot of Indian Photos with people but most of them are editorial. I will upload some and see what hapens..
  7. I did not have this issue. Only one transfer error...
  8. I also notice a drop on sales in the last few months especially for new contents. But SS is still the best earner for me.
  9. I just got the the e-mail today. honestly I am trying to be very careful with tittles and if some old images contain repetitive words ( I did not yet found any of my images) it is by mistake. I think a good Idea is to make a tool available for contributors to examine the portfolio for tittle spamming. And if a contributor denies to remove the duplicate keywords on tittle then I agree to start suspending accounts.
  10. I got this kind of rejection today for Trademark--Contains potential trademark or copyright infringement ....and i did not understand why? Can you please advice?
  11. This one is mine with FT as the origin agency. I was wondering if we get the money from PIXmac sales.. http://www.pixmac.co.uk/picture/hala+sultan+tekke+mosque+in+cyprus/000017135649
  12. You script is very powerful and helpful.
  13. The best for me is Microsoft Pro photo tools
  14. Well... Lately things are not so good... So less time on stock photos... It is also summertime....
  15. Well... Shutterstock is paying for my photo equipment. I recently bought a Nikon 24-70 2.8.. Now I need to buy a new camera.. But my goal is to pay my insurances using money I receive from stockphotos...
  16. Very well done. Me BDE was 20 a few months ago..Now less than ten......
  17. same for me. It started a few days ago and I also notice that the side is very slow. I try it from a ADSL connection (4M) and from a very fast connection (100M) and still the side is slow with problems on the thumbnails. Regards
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