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  1. The size you quote is for a 4:3 aspect ratio, by cropping to 16:9 you have letterboxed the frame. If you wanted 16:9 should'nt you have altered the pixel ratio and produced a frame of 1024x576? The 567 size is not a PAL dimension it's 576.
  2. I know I'm digging a hole for myself by commenting, criticism is difficult to take and I'm bad at receiving it, but here goes: Your subject matter is fantastic who doesn't like cute children, you have chosen a great subject for stock, the little baby scenes are under exposed slightly probably because the clothes and background are all white, you need to add an exposure compensation. Treat predominantly white scenes similar to snow by adding a plus exposure compensation of one third to half an EV. Your camera meter is trying to bring the whites down to middle gray as the camera meter is calibrated to something like 18% gray. I would also diffuse your lights by either having a piece or two of parchment paper in front of them or a bed sheet. In these instances I tend to shoot with window light by placing the subject nearby and filling in the shadow side with your daylight balanced lights. You need to light without shadows. The skin tones are just a touch yellow. The little girl in the blue dress is far better lighting and well done. You are doing well, it's just a bit of fine tuning needed.
  3. My batch hours of uploading rejected need credentials, no email asking if I had any, they were marked editorial. This is how the other agency ends up with "exclusive" clips : ) I have been a contributor since 2005, this type of rejection doesn't make you feel part of the Shutterstock "family".
  4. No it becomes a 17mm plus you get an extra stop of light so an f2.8 becomes a f2 Think of a Metabones speed booster as a tele convertor in reverse, like looking through a telescope backwards.
  5. It increases the angle by 0.71x and gives one more stop of exposure.
  6. FCP-X does not have compressor that is a separate download now so you need that to export. The other thing is that not all software encodes at the same quality, the software engines and algorithms vary from different manufacturers, Adobe and Apple are great software that produce maximum quality renders and you pay for it, free software what do you expect?
  7. Probably because of the father and daughter walking towards the camera, recognizable people and also the teenager sat down nearest to the camera.
  8. No and any background music or words have to be model or property released, so any music must be your copyright and you have to provide a release for it. Do not use any sound that you do not own. I do not upload clips with any sound.
  9. If you have a good high speed internet service and bandwidth usage is not a problem then, Photojpeg & ProRes 422 HQ (Mac computer ProRes) is good, but if you have a limited amount of bandwidth and a slower upload speed, then many other contributors are using h.264
  10. Yes that is good also the DJI Phantom Vision 2+ takes nice footage. Just make sure you get a 3 axis gimbal for smooth motion.
  11. Try clicking from your contributor home page Portfolio > Submit Video and see if anything is there
  12. Yes for video, I haven't done any photos yet so can't say but the DNG Raw certainly will help. Just remember these are fair weather cameras, good lighting needed.
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