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  1. But is it "Shutterstock" doing the objecting? Or a particular reviewer? The reviewer could be a Trump follower for all I know. People aren't exactly rational about American politics these days.
  2. Anytime you write to support about rejections, you just get a canned response so I don't bother. I thought if I post here at least the subject will be seen and discussed.
  3. I recently uploaded an image depicting Donald Trump as a devil, giving a speech in hell. The image was rejected and the following reason given: 'Objectionable Content -- Image and/or metadata contains potentially objectionable content.' Political illustrations are allowed on Shutterstock, so why was this particular image rejected? Could it be due to the political leanings of whatever reviewer happened to inspect the image? Isn't this censorship?
  4. I know that's an option, but I don't want to limit it to editorial unless I absolutely have to. I checked several illustrations, and the only image deemed 'editorial' was a copy of a Frankenstein postage stamp.
  5. I submitted a 3d render of a robot Frankenstein, and it was rejected for copyright issues. Is Frankenstein copyrighted? I did a search on Frankenstein and 36 pages of images came up. Should I just resubmit?
  6. I need to contact Shutterstock support. I went to the 'contact us' page and submitted my request, but never received any confirmation email. I have no idea when or if my request will be seen. Is there a more more direct contact form, or live chat for contributors? I know there is no phone support, all has to be done via email, but I'm very anxious for some sort of reply or confirmation. Is there anything I can do to speed things up? Can you provide a support email address? Anything? Please help.
  7. I have two Shutterstock checks that have gone missing. One was dated 2/28/17 (according to my payment history) and was for $837.84 and the other was dated 12/31/17 and was for $783.36. We had some flooding here recently and they must have been lost in all the confusion. Can you re-issue these checks? VERY anxious about this. thanks.
  8. Here are the keywords for a confederate soldier (in US Civil War) aiming a rifle: civil; war; soldier; aiming; rifle; gun; weapon; american; 3d; render; rendering; rendered; isolated; us; usa; history; pointing; firing; illustration; north; south; uniform; ethnic; confederate; confederacy; southern; white I also add phrases like 'american history', us civil war', 'confederate soldier' ,ect, ect... It would help if they would indicate which keywords are the problem --, I can see the keyword 'ethnic' got in there and doesn't belong -- I could remove that word and re-upload and se
  9. At first everything I submitted was rejected due to size, even though the images were within the size constraints. I checked this forum and learned it was a glitch, so I re-uploaded the images - and they were all rejected for keywords. I'm careful about keywords and I can't figure out what the offending keywords are, in fact I'm thinking this is yet another glitch! Is anyone else having this problem? How can I tell whether or not this is another glitch? How can I remove the offending keywords when I don't even know what they are?
  10. I had three size rejections, one was a resubmit that was rejected twice, all images fit the size requirements. SS why aren't you fixing this?
  11. Thanks - I see your point, but it's not the official insignia, it's an image using similar symbols, based on the insignia. If you do a search on 'Great Seal of the USA', and you'll see that I and several other contributors have had images based on the insignia accepted on SS, some very recently. That's why I'm inclined to think it's a reviewer error, but I could be wrong. I'm hoping someone in SS admin will notice this posting and offer some clarification.
  12. This image and another similar to it were rejected for trademark, and I can't understand why. At first, I thought I needed more documentation to prove I created them, so I resubmitted the image with a note to the reviewer that it was a resubmit with documentation. The images were rejected a second time for trademark. I thought maybe a property release was needed, so I resubmitted with a property release. The images were rejected yet again. I resubmitted again, with a request that if they were going to be rejected yet again, to please let me know what is needed and what went wron
  13. I had two images rejected for trademark or copyright violations, so I resubmitted the images with property releases and a note to the reviewer letting them know it was a resubmit with the rejection problem corrected. The images were both rejected a second time, with the exact same reason given, along with a link to the same shutterbuzz page about trademark issues. No mention was made about the property releases at all. Did the reviewer overlook the fact that these images had property releases? Were the property releases themselves acceptable, or did they contain errors? Is there a wa
  14. My uploads have been sitting there for over a month, too. Downloads have dropped way down, too. I'm beyond frustrated.
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