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  1. Hi Larry, I'm the Business Developement Manager at Shutterstock. You would be surprised how many people know about us already! Right now we are gearing up for a couple of different Promotions and branding ideas. As we move forward I will be posting updates. Keep checking in... Thanks, Randy
  2. These are all good ideas. We are working on a lot of differnt things, but will take everything into consideration. I'll be posting updates as events warrant. Please keep posting your ideas! Randy
  3. Hey folks. I just wanted to say thanks for all of your great ideas. We will be looking at each one to see what we can do. Keep checking the Forum and thanks for your interest! Randy
  4. I'm a bona fide Paypal Veteran myself! That is a really interesting idea. I promise to look into it.
  5. I have already seen your work on the site. Great stuff. Keep submiiting! Let me know if you have any thoughts. Randy
  6. We have a couple of different ideas. I am talking to one of the largest Publication houses in New York City. We are also looking at website design companies who have clients in specific fields that we see as in need of our product. Our partnership ideas will give us great reach when they happen so I am concentrating on that. Thanks. I hope that helps.
  7. Hi folks, I just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself. I'm Randy Van Raalte, the Business Development Manager for Shutterstock. Shutterstock has limitless potential in the world of stock photography. The images you guys submit are unbelievable and the website is fantastic. With the new data center things will only get better!. I am looking forward to not only promoting Shutterstock, but our photographers too. Shutterstock photographers are one of our most marketable resources. We've been working really hard for a couple of weeks to get this thing off the ground. Jon and I have come up with some great Co-Branding, OEM and promotional ideas that should push the Shutterstock brand to the top of the heap and keep us there. I'll be working on different ways for Shutterstock to branch out and partner with quality organizations. Any ideas, comments or suggestions are welcome. Your input will be invaluable. Thanks for your time.
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