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  1. SS is friendly and helpful.... Some other sites seem to get downright nasty...
  2. At least SS has not kicked me out yet.... I have been kicked out of isp because I mentioned SS footage on the video forums.... But 10K a month on Microstock sales, I doubt it.... If you had 1000 of the same photos on every site you might make 1K per month...only if the photos are of steller commercial quality. Don't bother with photos of trees, flowers, lakes or clouds.....
  3. Customers are looking for either the cheapest clips or clips at a good price that they cannot find elsewhere. If you want cheap clips buy SD stock on DVD-ROM and pay about one buck per clip - shovelware -we call it. Why are customers willing to pay thousands for rights managed clips but start pinching pennies with RF stock video?
  4. And that is probably why they will not find clips like that in stock footage houses that don't charge very much.... Some of those clips are on the higher end stock sites and of course they are rights managed and command thousands of dollars....
  5. Deposit was/is $1000..... That gets you in line... They are closing the que at 1000 "reservations" I have no idea if they plan on making more than that. Basically the body will cost $17,500 I think the 300MM lens is $4,995 and the Zoom lens is $9,995....then you have to add all the accessories and hard drives. Probably another $10,000... A basic "kit" will cost $50,000....still 1/2 of a Sony Cine Alta...Most buyers are planning on renting their cameras...if 1000 come on-line in the span of 6 months??? The 4k pull from the camera is impressive... go to the website and take a look.....
  6. There are threads everywhere about this camera. The most important subject about workflow and reality is a bit weak. I can produce timelapses with a Nikon D200 that all almost 4K images. Once it comes out and the initial giddness about the great image will subside into a grim reality that a very high end post production workflow will be needed. However this camera and interest in higher HD will finally get the SD shooters and editors to give HD a serious look.
  7. Visit here for great FCP training: http://www.rippletraining.com/engine/affiliate.html?bW9kZT1BRkZFTlRFUiZpZD0yMQ==
  8. For HDV that sounds about right... however from the mac that file will only be good to mac users.... Try encoding Photojpeg if progressive source... or Motion Jpeg A odd field first if interlaced.... Quality 95%...don't go to 100% that turns the RGB colorspace to 4:4:4... Photojpeg can be read on a Mac or PC...
  9. 30%?? Not much better than IS, any experiences with others in the 45%-60% range?
  10. Plus it all depends on your experience level with both shooting and dealing with the different agencies. Some are like automated robots, no human will see or interface with the clips you are trying to sell. Others may have a hands on mentoring approach that younger shooters need. But yes it may take another year to shake this out and then Ultra HD will be on it's way!
  11. You should have some at IS for exposure and then contact info with an SS banner to link to your work here.
  12. Going exclusive with any site does not make sense... even if one site will dominate why limit your exposure to make 10%-20% more on what are not great prices anyway? I would go with sites that are able to show my contact info and if I want to sell other clips and photos or services that is what I am looking for. Of course it would be foolish to undercut yourself by selling the same clips you have uploaded on sites. I see many videographers have multiple banners on there sites from different stock footage houses...
  13. How exclusive does it need to be?? Many of the larger sites offer exclusives and assign a dedicated salesperson to you.... If you are still shooting 35MM/Cine Alta you could probably command high prices....and get some commissioned shoots....I am afraid in the sub-camera categories the commission and prices will keep dropping....many services are going to spring up where you can keep 100% commissions...but you have to be an exclusive offering and I think you will have to buy-in to the webhost who is providing the service at inflated rates no doubt.... It takes a critical mass of shooters to get sites like this going...They will all do OK business but with the same clips on every site then yes it gets down to how cheap is the clip... A quick google search under stock footage will tell you a lot...
  14. The clip sucks hard anyway.... I don't see the point???
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