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  1. Regarding all of the notarising and apostilling, from what I can read on the form, and talking to the passports office here in Perth, it seems that just a certfied copy may suffice. I took a photocopy of my passport, and the passport office certified it for free. I'm thinking that I'll give that a shot, and then if they reject it, then I'll go for the notarising and apostille - which is looking like being around $160. Cheers, Joanne
  2. i will withdraw my portfolio out of principal. I pay tax here at home on that money earned, i won't pay again to the american government. Secondly i will make more money going exclusive at istock. Thirdly, i will do it in support of all those contributors from countries without a treaty. Each to their own, but this is my decision. ---------------------------- Okay fair enough. I've booked into a notorising person for Tuesday, they only charge $77, so that's at least a little better! Euoff. And after all of this, still have to pay 5% away to US gov. For our tax, do
  3. Why withdraw your portfolio? Send nothing, let them take out their 30%, and take what's left. Some $$ in your pocket is better than none? Robyn, that is an awesome sandcastle by the way... Did you build it? http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-1872452-amazing-sandcastle-on-a-tropical-beach.html
  4. Ahh, ok. I think I know what I have to do now. Thanks guys for all the help! Damn that's still $160 on .... nothing! Sigh.
  5. Thanks Robyn, I'm not keen on sending off my original passport, so have to get a copy first. More expense! Why the need to driver's licence as well as a birth certificate? Would a copy of Birth Certificate notarised and appostilled not do the trick? I expect a copy of BC could be cheaper than a passport copy. Cheers, Joanne
  6. $100.... bummer! What is that for? A certified copy of a passport? I'm still trying to figure out what documents are needed! Do you just need to have documents that check off both "foreign identity status" and "identity" in the table on page 3? So, you could provide a certified copy of a passport, and that would suffice? Alternatively, a certified copy of a birth certificate would also suffice? Is that how you would read it? Oof what a pain. Not SS' fault though, they're just complying with the law. Cheers, Joanne
  7. Wow, there's some amazing pictures listed here. Anyway, this is my little boy gouldian finch: He's the best photo I've captured yet of one of our finches. I love their colour, but I find it so hard to snap them because they're so fast and the aviary is rather dark. I'm a little confused though - I search 'gouldian' and he doesn't pop up, I'm not sure why, any ideas? (Does come up for other keywords) I look forward to seeing more lovely shots
  8. Wow Gabriel, That model transformation is absolutely amazing... You've got to at least tell us the tools you mainly used to achieve that. Is the makeup mainly airbrushed on? How do you maintain the highlights and everything so perfectly? All I can say is WOW. I also had a peep at your website too, some really nice model shots there too. Cheers Joanne
  9. When footage has been submitted, where does it go!? I submitted a sample, to try, and initially (I think?) it was sitting in 'waiting to be reviewed', but now it's not there.. or anywhere! Where will it pop up when it has been reviewed? How do we 'check status of submitted video'? Has anyone had any reviewed? What is the review time for footage like? I'm dying to know whether I can participate in this new footage bussiness! Cheerio, Joanne
  10. i have this one of a plate of Gnocci http://www.shutterstock.com/pic.mhtml?id=413742
  11. My entrys are in the December spirit! My first time for a competition, so I just have two. Entry 1: http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-814332.html Entry 2 http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-814331.html Cheers Joanne
  12. My god, I'm so blown away by the quality of the websites posted here!! This thread is a good one, I've really enjoyed flicking through everyone's sites Mine is here, http://www.jdphotography.org/ It's still got some issues that I'm ironing out, it's only recently gone online. Cheers Joanne
  13. I'm with Gracey and Douglas on this one... To my eye, these shots are stunning sure-fire stock shots with good framing. I expecially like the boat and cheerleaders, but all of these are useful stock shots that each convey a concept. I hope you will post the outcome with support here, I'd be really interested to know - I hope that there's been some mistake here. Heck, if they won't take these, my shots don't stand a chance!
  14. Another Aussie here... I'm from Perth in Western Australia. Cheers Joanne
  15. I agree about the lightboxes .... Monthly updated lightboxes gives buyers the impression of a dynamic, update site.
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