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  1. Unfortunately the odds of getting the items back is little to noe. But I would definitely call the airlines and customs to make a complaint. They will probably give you a run around but make the complaint anyway. Make sure you have receipts for the items missing and luggage tag information and airline information. I prefer take my gear onbaoard with me with a carry on. As my camera gear grew in size I decided it was time to take out insurance. My homeowner insurance carrier (Allstate) allowed for me to add camera and gear insurance as well as insurance for theft when travelin
  2. Similar incident happened to me a few months ago. Someone or some people bought Ipods, Laptops and other items. I am guessing once someone hacks your account they sell your account info and the floodgates open. Paypal found the purchases to be fraudulent, but they did reimburse me the lost interest. The chrages came to around 3200.00. I did not notice them for about a month. Yes, I should of checked my account and made sure I did not have that much money in my account. But all the stock sites and merchants almost insist we use Paypal. I racked my brain as to how someone hacked m
  3. The picture looks as though a Background support system is used for the bars and manfrotto clamps are used to hold the lights.
  4. http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-1826786.html
  5. The only Monopod I can recommend and currently use is the Sunpak Versipod 2. Basicly its a walking stick, Monopod and tripod. At the bottom of the monopod are 3 legs that transforms it into a tripod. It comes with a Magnet Ballhead, but I found it was not sturdy enough for a DSLR so I bought a Manfrotto ballhead to replace the one that comes with it. There are other Monopds that have tripod legs, but the Sunpak was cheaper.
  6. If the orignal question is it worth uplaoding images to SS and put time into it than the answer is yes. SS is probably in the top 3 when it comes to making money. As for knowing what people make, I don't think that is a good judge of how one will do. Several factors come into play. 1. Size of portfolio 2. Quality of photos 3. Style 4. Type of images uploaded (Vector, Raster, Video, Etc.)
  7. Just last week I got kicked out of my sons school for taking photos of my son on field day. Apparently students need to sign a release given out by the school and if all the students do not sign it photography is not allowed. I understand what there concerns are, but I was photographing my own son not other children.
  8. One day I was at a local cemetery taking photos of a train station and water fountains. The train station is vintage looking so I wanted to get some photos of it. To make a long story short, about a month later the Door Bell range and it was a detective. The detective asked me if I was the cemetery on such an such date. I said yes. He than asked why I was their, what was I taking photos of, and wanted to see the photos. I complied. I asked how he knew who I was and what I was doing and he told me a video camera caught me and an elderly woman reported me to the cemetery front desk.
  9. I actually have the Push Pull version and like it. Took time to get use to it, but now I like it. But most definitely look for a newer version. The newer version is not a push pull. If possible get a AFS D Version. Ebay has some pretty good deals. You can probably find one o ebay for around 500.00 to 600.00 like new. If you have any question feel free to send me a private message.
  10. To be honest its not really fair that some get to sell their images and other don't. It would probably be best to remove all the images in question, rather than accept them at one point or another and than stop accepting them. Anyway, thanks for the reply.
  11. I noticed several images of Landmarks, Disney, etc. that has editorial use listed below them. Is it ok to upload photos like this? I noticed photos of Magic Kingdom and other Disney trade marks, so I was wondering what the policy is for this. I have 100s of photos from Disney and other places but was under the assumption they could not be submitted. Thanks.
  12. Sharp and fast. You won't be disappointed. What year and model are you looking at. The 80-200 comes in many flavors over the years. I noticed you do a lot of outdoor photography, so fast lenses would be a big help. Nikon came out with a new 18-200 VR, which I also own at its a good all around lense. It got good reviews also. Its not as fast as the 2 mentioned but the VR compensates for the loss. Side Note: Fast - aperature 1.8 or 2.8 are fast lenses and usually cost more.
  13. I have the ML3 and it works quite well from behind the camera. Works best within 10 feet. Unfortunately the D50 does not have a terminal jack, so the only option is the timer or ML3. You might be able to trigger the camera using Nikon Capture, but I am not sure if the 50 is setup for this. I know the D70, and D@ series can be fired from Nikon Capture. You can also use a Universal remote control to trigger your D50. http://www.camerahacker.com/Forums/DisplayComments.php?file=Digital%20Camera/Nikon/Infrared_remote_for_the_D70.html D50 uses the same code as D70.
  14. I don't think the Nikon D50 has a terminal connection, so you will not be able to use a cable release. The ML3 wireless remotes and several generic models on ebay work fine.
  15. I have this lense and the only thing I can can say is don't waste your money. You will need a solid tripod and good lighting. Even than the images are soft and have lots of chromatic aberrations. Don't waste your money. If its something you really I would be glad to sell you mine for (150.00). Only used the lense 2 times, now just sits in the case. You will have to buy an Olympus T-mount adapter however.
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