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  1. I'm not sure that it's quite that simple - I've had photos of 'name brand designs' rejected because, even if a logo wasn't showing, you could tell the brand with certainty - for example, a picture of a Jeep w/out the 'Jeep' written...because they look so distinct, it was rejected for copyright. But the headphones looked pretty generic to me, so I doubt that's the issue.
  2. I've also had the occasional 'unable to process' and, because I sometimes also get incomplete uploads, assumed that was the problem. To SS: is there any way that we could see the clip filesize during the review/submission process? This is the easiest way I could think of to tell immediately whether a clip may have not been completely uploaded. Also - because of the same problem, I now have two identical clips in my gallery. Anyone know how to remove one of them?
  3. Thanks so much mateiruma - I think it was the 'resume' setting that was crucial. Very much appreciated (and probably by the reviewers, too!)
  4. I'm having problems with the filezilla -- submit footage interchange. I can log in to filezilla fine, and start things uploading - the connection comes and goes, and sometimes filezilla appears to restart an upload. Then, when I go to the 'submit' page, each of the video files is listed several times. Now, I can't tell if one of these is a 'complete' file and the others are incompletes that got aborted during upload, or if they're all good, or if none of them are. I hate to submit 3 identical-and-incomplete files to waste reviewers time - but I can't seem to get this to stop happening. An
  5. I'm curious about the 3-D animations as well. I'm just learning Maya - in no shape yet to submit something good, but I would think those would be extremely marketable. Any plans to incorporate them in the future?
  6. I was wondering about compression codecs too...my 39 sec clip was nearly 1 gig uncompressed (.avi), so I'm assuming compression is in order - any particular types preferred?
  7. same thing for me - I uploaded the wrong file first - wrong fps, compression, etc. I'm uploading the correct one now, but I hate to waste reviewers' time with this. If it's going to be difficult to add a feature for removing files before review, maybe just a spot to write a note to the reviewer saying "Crap - sorry!!!!"?
  8. Does anyone know how that pixel resolution translates into line resolution? All I see on video-cameras are (1) number of pixels of their still image capabilities, and (2) number of lines in their video capture. I thought lines were the videography standard - but now I don't know, say, what 300 vertical line resolution equals in terms of pixels.... help?
  9. I agree that being more selective is great - it's a good idea to keep SS competitive. Just one question, though, how can we tell which photos are removed? I've gotten a couple of e-mails with picture ID#s, but when I go online, the picture is gone, so I don't know which one it was that was deleted...
  10. another one I just found - 'cops' used on a picture of doughnuts. spam, or association?
  11. Don't get me wrong, though - I think it's a great idea and will make the experience much better for the photographers and the designers...I would never use inappropriate keywords on purpose, and think that this will definitely improve shutterstock. I'm just wondering how much leeway there is in the confusing cases...
  12. I'm wondering how the decisions will be made as to which keywords are appropriate. Obviously, on a cup of coffee, for example, a list of 'christmas' 'wedding' 'sunset' and other top hits is incorrect. However, on several pictures I have things like, for a bromeliad flower, 'pineapple' because pineapples are in the bromeliad family, or with orchids 'vanilla,' because vanilla is a type of orchid. Could these somewhat less obvious associations also lead to suspension?
  13. Yep, I'm also fairly positive that you don't need a release for this as artwork; you can't allow someone else to advertise with it, but you can make prints and sell them as artwork.
  14. Don't get me wrong, by the way - this site is my favorite of the stock photo sites I use, and I've been doing great here - by no means am I suggesting a change to the current model. The suggestion was prompted by 1) a similar suggestion by someone else, and 2) a comment by Jon in an earlier post that shutterstock may be branching to do one-at-a-time download options...hence it's not so radical...
  15. I realize that shutterstock wasn't designed with that in mind...all I was doing was asking if it might be worth considering. and I do have releases from all of my models - I also try to respect them as people...I can completely understand them not wanting their pictures used for certain things - projects with strong religious or political views that they don't agree with, for example (or, say herpes medication! ). As prefaced in the original message, it might just be too different from the original model - that would be Shutterstock's call - but I don't see anything wrong with suggesting the
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