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  1. Started a new account at Alamy but need to delete certain photos on SS so Alamy can have Exclusive... HOW do I do that..??? Thanks, Bob
  2. Go get um Trump, time will tell... Our sales should pick up soon as business expands... Bob
  3. Not going to quit my day job (Social Security).. I did earn $2.38 on the Harbor picture though & one of low resolution on my Canon 20D... Also earned $4.00 on a Katrina damage image earlier in December... Soooo, guess I can't complain, I now have coffee money.. Bob
  4. Been in SS for many years but no new uploads for over 5 years... I have 400 images but most shot with my Canon 20D & my newer 40D... Just bought a Canon 80D & hope I can take better images in near future... I just sold a image of Biloxi shrimp boat harbor before Katrina wrecked the place... My Katrina shots sell the best & then medical... I need to weed out some images & add better ones in 2018... More of a hobby than a money maker, did pay for my Canon 20D & lens though so can't be bitter... Bob
  5. Thanks for your input, been looking at your images, very nice... Great art paintings... Hope I can improve my pics in 2018... Bob
  6. New to the group, but been with SS a number of years... Haven't submitted any new pictures for a couple of years but decided to start again... I have a Canon EOS 40D (8.1mp) & found out that any pic lower than 4mp may not be accepted... So I just bought a Canon 80D that has 24mp so that fixes that problem... I shoot a Canon EF 17-40mm 1:4L lens (my favorite)... Also have the Canon 100mm macro lens for bugs & such... I want to shoot in RAW & process with Corel Paint Shop Pro 2018 with AfterShot Pro 3.... Question:... How much to edit picture such as white balance * contrast.?? Thanks in advance.. Bob
  7. Morning Dove eyeball... Taken close with 100mm macro lens in morning light with 20D...
  8. My 20th with 18 dls, Katrina damage in south Mississippi....
  9. Only a couple of Cardinals survived Katrina at my home, this is one of them... Taken with a Canon 20D w/100mm f/2.8 macro.... He was only 8 inches from my lens, saw his reflection & was challenging himself, even the shutter snap didn't spook him...
  10. Great shot, he was probably hoping that you had a cracker...
  11. Are you sure you weren't holding up some bread or popcorn??
  12. This is my Brown Thrasher (loves to poke holes in my ripe tomatoes)... Shot with a Canon 20D with a 100mm f/2.8 macro lens... I have a blind in the window at my large bird feeder, I poke the macro lens through a black draped hole... 20D is on a tripod with remote shutter... I try to get the morning light..... 1/500 Shutter ... 6.3 Aperture ... 400 ISO (should have been set on 100 ISO) ... Focal Length 100mm & 16 inches from front of lens...
  13. First for Nov..... Katrina damage in Mississippi.
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