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  1. im trying to work this one out.? i cant use pics of public events, taken in public places without credentials. But i cant get credentials, because the pics i want to take are of public events, in public places.
  2. My last 3 batches approved (50+ pictures), have been coming and going from my gallery for the last 3 weeks, and there hasnt been any sales from these pics.
  3. 35 newsworthy pics of protest rally. Approved saturday and missing from gallery and all searchs.
  4. If your brains were made of gunpower, you wouldnt have enough to blow your hat off.
  5. Thanks for the replys, it looks like im just having a bit of a slow month.
  6. Nice pic darla, makes me feel like a snack.
  7. Are your sales doing ok. Ive had zero ODs for over a month at SS and zero sales at bigstock, are you having any better luck.
  8. ive had no ODs since 15th oct. i normally do ok with them. if something as changed with them, i hope SS will let us know.
  9. Since the middle of last month my enhanced photo sales stopped. Is this happening to enyone else, or am just having a bit of a bad run.
  10. In the last couple of months ive found that my older pics are out selling the newer ones, when the reverse is normally the case. Is enyone else finding it the same. Have the search engines changed? has my newer pics normally sold pretty well.
  11. Double zero weekend and only one dl today. blimey thats slooooow.
  12. David Burrows


    I have been here since the start and my photos have been ok up to now. But i cant a photo excepted now to save my life. Am i alone with this problem,
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