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About Me

I am a wife and a mother of three.  I grew up in Sandy Cove which is a small town in Newfoundland. This is where my interest in photography started as a kid I would take my father’s camera and photograph the ocean and the seashore. 

After finishing High School I attended the College of the North Atlantic in Clarenville Newfoundland where I achieved a Diploma with honors from a two-year Multimedia: Internet Development Course. I am currently a photographer and graphic designer. 

However, my primary focus has always been Stock Photography. Over the past 15 years, I have developed a portfolio of over 11,000 images that cover a wide range of subjects with my favorites being lifestyle, stills, and nature images.  I also specialize in family portraits and commercial advertising images. I have master Photoshop and other editing programs that enable me to edit, retouch, design, re-design, and remaster photos. This enables me to reach a large client base. 

My images have appeared around the world in numerous print and web publications, including major newspapers, magazines, and advertising billboards and websites. One of my favorite memories was to see the image my daughter used at the Walmart photo studio or my image used on a Concert Stage as part of the Set. 

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