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  1. If you haven't already become a fan of Shutterstock on Facebook - It's easy! Here's how you do it: 1) go to http://www.facebook.com/#/Shutterstock 2) click on the "Become a Fan" button We regularly post news, tips, tricks, and suggestions on how to make the most out of your Shutterstock account.
  2. For immediate release Shutterstock Announces New Plan to Protect Each Image and Footage Purchase Largest subscription stock image site guarantees its entire library of more than 8.5 million images and 140,000 footage clips New York, October 20, 2009 - Shutterstock, the world’s largest subscription-based stock photo agency, announced today that it will legally guarantee every file in its vast library by providing up to $10,000 to cover legal costs and direct damages for claims arising from the use of an image or footage clip licensed through Shutterstock. Thanks to Shuttersto
  3. Now I did . I had 2 DLs (vectors) in the last 3 days. Before I had 1 or none a month. I hope this is getting even better. Well, my sales have utterly collapsed. $3-50c in a week from a (previously) successful portfolio with 3000 photos is downright ridiculous. It makes me wonder if they have rearranged the search to finance the purchase by favouring small portfolios that will take ages to reach a payout. We haven't changed anything with the search engine yet - and we would never do this. Search would only engineered to get the buyer the photo they are looking for.
  4. Paypal/MB have been completed Checks will go out by the 15th.
  5. No - it won't affect Shutterstock's business model at all.
  6. Credit buyers and subscription buyers are different. If BSP was going to canibalize SS and not grow our entire market share, we would have never bought them. We will make it worth your while to upload to BigStockPhoto. You can wait until you see reports of increased sales if you like. We aren't ruling out a combined upload process - but we have lots of other things to do before we decide that. Jon
  7. No immediate plans - so best to upload to both. We'll make sure to make it worth your while Jon
  8. Dear Shutterstock Contributors, This morning I have the pleasure of announcing the acquisition of BigStockPhoto by Shutterstock Images. We are excited to add a credit-based product to our line up of best-in-industry subscription options. Though we studied the possibility of building a credit site from scratch, in the end we decided that acquiring and building upon the momentum of a solid brand like BigStockPhoto is the best way to deliver this new product to our customers. As you all know, Shutterstock has pioneered many products that have been duplicated in the industry: we offered t
  9. If you are paid by MB or PP, it will have hit your account by now. if you are paid by check, it will go out by the 15th.
  10. Then just unclick the box that tweets the daily number Cool, I had not signed up for it yet just saw it in the newsletter. If I can turn it off then I think this will be a useful tool. Thanks Shutterstock You can turn it off at any time
  11. Why not try to get some attention to your portfolio by tweeting the URL. Simply find an image in your portfolio like this one by Valua Vitaly. http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-32866615-stock-photo-portrait-of-beautiful-young-woman-with-luxuriant-healthy-long-hair.html and then click on your name after "Copyright:" Then tell all your followers about your Shutterstock Portfolio : http://www.shutterstock.com/gallery-93178p1.html And if you aren't following Shutterstock yet, here is the link: http://twitter.com/shutterstock You never know who is listening with a Shutterstock
  12. They will go out by the 15th as usual! Since we are still trying to figure out how witholding for international submitters works, we will not be witholding tax for these payouts.
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