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  1. Hi - We wanted to check back in with you all to confirm that FTP uploads are back to normal. Again please reach out to us through our support team if you notice any further issues and we will be happy to look into it. Thanks, Paul.
  2. Hi Everyone, Over the weekend we had a technical issue which, as many of you reported, slowed down the FTP uploading process, browser uploading was unaffected. Files uploaded during this period are slowly being processed and should all be visible in content editor latest by tomorrow morning at 9am EST. Any files uploaded today should be moving through the system with a minimal lag time, which should also be fixed by 9am EST Feb 18th. We will post a further update tomorrow morning confirming that everything is back to normal. As always, if you have any questions, please reach out t
  3. To our contributor community: As always, we appreciate your feedback and acknowledge that in our communication of January 22nd we didn’t clearly explain our rationale for making changes to the enhanced license payment structure - with that in mind I would like to share more detail regarding the change. As you have noted here in the contributor forums, our enhanced license sales have been coming under pressures of late and we have been looking at multiple ways to improve the volume of these downloads as they offer much higher priced payouts to you. We are constantly testing new packages
  4. In our continuing efforts to improve the forum user experience we are introducing links to your Shutterstock portfolios. The links to either your image or footage, or both portfolios will be located under your profile image. With the addition of your portfolio links we will now be removing the signature box to improve forum navigation. Thank you all as always for your feedback as we continue to invest in improving your forum experience. Shutterstock Support Team
  5. The http://submit.shutterstock.com/payoutspage will be updated on Monday January 25th to reflect this change.
  6. To our contributor community: At Shutterstock, one of our most important goals is to drive our contributor’s success by continuously delivering new earnings opportunities to you, our partners. Our enhanced license provides a great opportunity to license your content at a higher price point. Over the past year, we have been testing ways to better communicate the value of this premium license to our customers. We have determined that a fixed rate payment for enhanced licences limits our ability to continually drive more downloads. Therefore, effective January 25th 2016 the enhanced licen
  7. To our contributor community - We have now implemented our new watermark on many of your images, new examples can be viewed here, here and here and we are nearing completion of applying this new watermark to all of your images. Thank you to all of our contributors who are providing feedback and insights, and to all of our community for your patience as we make this important change. We will provide additional updates as we complete the roll out of the new watermark on the balance of your images. Paul Brennan Shutterstock's VP of Content Operations
  8. To our contributors, We strive for excellence in everything that we do and know that this is expected across our contributor and customer experience. The new watermark that we rolled out on Wednesday was not as effective as it should have been for some of your images and we found this unacceptable. We began publishing a new watermark across all images overnight. You can now view examples here, here and here. And we are working rapidly to complete this process over the next few days. This new watermark and larger image preview is designed to drive more download opportunities for
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