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Stone Group, Waves of Blue

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Very nice photo! Do you use a polarizer with your ND filter ever? I'm asking because I'm wondering because I want to get a polarizer and I'm wondering if it'll cut down on sharpness too much having 2 filters in front of the lens. 

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Hi Eric. I used a polarizer just to remove some of the reflections in the foreground as well as a Formatt Hitech 3 Stop ND Graduated filter to hold back the highlights in the sky and a 6 Stop to drag the shutter for a 2 minute exposure. For this image I focussed on infinity given the fact that I was not that close to the rocks in the foreground which allowed me to have sufficient sharpness front to back. Hope this helps. Please visit my website and blog for more information and equipment used at https://www.kreygscott.com/blog/

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