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iPhone 6s

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Pretty good!  The food styling has an organic feel -- not too neat, but, not messy either! What about applying some dressing to your salad? I like to go in with a syringe and apply some dressing in specific areas - dressing doesn't have to be poured all over for the viewer to know that a salad has dressing on it.

Also, be careful about using the over-head angle. You really lose the 3D dimension aspect when you photograph from over-head. Sometimes the overhead angle works well if you're showcasing a lot. In this case, you need more props to help tell a better over-head angle story.  

Lastly, the lighting looks flat. This looks like it was lit from above and it just sort of flattened out all of your veggies and proteins. By "flat" I mean it appears that most of your image data is contained within the mid-tone region. If you don't have highlights or shadows, you have a "flat" image. I find light to be more attractive from a lower angle and either back-lit, or side-lit. Look through your viewfinder to see how your light is impacting your subject(s). 

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Thank you very much for all that you have given me Rob. It is a photo that I did with the cell phone in the workroom to the salad that I prepared that day. It was a test to know if they would accept this type of image and if it would be sold. Probe also upload the image from the app and seems to have worked.

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