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How do I get this look more relistic?
Critique please...

Photo Information for Balloon

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Can't  quite see but try using a radial gradient instead of a linear on the balloon and add some highlights using an overlay.



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Whaaat.. Is it allowed to use overlays?   =)


Thats awesome news.

I have been thinking and trying to figure out how people make some effects in illustrations.

Very nice to know.. THANKS.

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A freshly inflated balloon will be shiny, and translucent.  A matte finish like in your illustration is a balloon that has shrunk for a day or two.


Shiny surfaces have hard edges to their highlights. 


Translucent objects will have secondary highlights opposite to thier primary highlights.


This is the sort of thing that drawing classes will help you with.  You will learn to observe details of lighting on the natural world, so you can recreate the effects.


If you are going to do vectors, study drawing.

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This balloon is actually drawn from picture i took with phone. The balloon was about 100cm wide and matte. But yes your right about the shinynes, it would look more realistic. Thanks for tips.

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I think the problem is that your compositsion don't show depth of feild and viewer's eye can't recognize the real situation of the balloon in the infinite area and the brain can't calculate (for example) the size of the balloon or the distance of the object (balloon) from source of view.

so it seem's a bit unnatural.

In this case we usually use some mark object (like a tree in a limited distance) to facilitate viewer brain calculation.

It also useful to say that your image dont have a good composision and most of the image space is empty but a hi vibrant ballon.

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Guest boszorka


Hi, Mikael

I have 2 suggestions: the ballon in side view is not a perfect sphere as you did. Yours is looking like a red moon or ball at first glance. So, I would work first on the shape, making it more real - this seems to me more important in identifying the object than the amount of details.

Than, the sky is very dark.

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