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raccoon skull

raccoon skull

I'm having trouble with this one (my first submission) being rejected. Anyone know what I can do to fix it? I'm very new to this, I work mostly with bitmap digital art programs and have limited knowledge with vectors.


1st rejection: Image was bigger than the canvas (I work in inkscape and fixed it)


2nd rejection: No bitmap images allowed (I assume this is because I accidentally left the reference image in a hidden layer underneath the art haha)


Also for some reason the preview image isn't showing the whole drawing :x I feel like that will be the 3rd rejection reason. Is there a limit for rejections before I get banned from being a contributor?

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If you want to be sure you don't get the next rejection for technical issues, you can submit the first as raster (JPG) illustration (don't forget to set Illustration box to "Yes" when submitting), maximum size is 25MP.

After you get accepted, you can submit the vector version too.

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If the preview jpg doesn't show the entire drawing, you probably still have your illustration bigger than your artboard.


Or, it just needs to be centered.


I like to add a box with no fill to set an artificial margin around my illustrations before saving them as jpg. (delete the box afterward, don't save it to the illustration)


This makes the jpg look a little nicer.


It's the difference between this




and this



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