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© 100% myself


I hand drew 100% of this. I am not an artist, but can do some simple stuff and cool effects. Trying to get my foot in the door. Also since I am not a top artist born to draw art, I do want critique but please refrain from comparing it to top artists and more to people my level. Thanks


© 100% myself

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I never know quite what to say to a beginner in art who is trying to get into a professional setting.


The obvious things to say are that you need to learn more, and practice more.


With vectors, there are a lot of technical things to keep track of, and get right.  For instance, I suspect the lines in your image are outlines, not strokes. (especially the arms) That won't work for stock vectors.  Also, gradients, blurs and drop shadows can be problems when selling as stock.  If you don't know what these technical terms mean, you need to read the manual that came with your software.


Artistically, even simple designs need a trained eye to make them appealing.  When you are still near the beginning of your development, your work is going to be so similar to other beginner's work, that potential buyers will look at it, and say to themselves, "my sister could do that for me." or even worse, "I could do that myself." 


They may be wrong, but they'll think that.


Seriously, if you are, as you say, "not an artist" and "not born to draw art", then you really won't have the drive it takes to devote the TIME and EFFORT that it takes to get good.  Find something else to do that you are more interested in.  Repair cars, program computers, be a short order cook, do accounting, there are many, many other paths to take that are EASIER than making money as an artist.

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darla, thank you for the comments, it helps. There are outlines used in the vector however I converted them to object so they are vector lines. The arms were welded together and are one piece. I know about gradients and drop shadows, if it's converted to curves, what is wrong with using them?


I agree that it isn't too hard for someone else to make, I won't submit this to shutterstock, I want to post many tries until I get better.


I own a business which is full time for me and I have various other hobbies, I am doing this on the side for fun. I don't intend to make money at it, just help the community and learn more myself. The business I own uses vectors daily and the better I get at it, the better for the company.

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Besides agreeing with darla, I would add that you could try and use more tools in your software, other then basic shapes, fx. brush or pen or pencil tool and really draw instead of combining basic shapes.


I also started exactly like you, as a hobby with 0 training (other than tutorials and books I found online for free), and at the beginning I made a lot of doodles on paper and vectorized them with different techniques - redraw it with brush tool, or pen tool or try to re-create it any other way.


You can also practice with whatever drawing you find online - just make sure you don't upload those and use it for practice only.


For me it was also helpful reading a bit about composition and finding nice color palettes on pictures I liked. 


As for the technical side: I am not sure you can convert drop shadow to curves, but you can recreate the effect of dropshadow using gradient.


Good luck :)

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Sorry but I totally disagree with part of Darla's comment:  "not an artist" and "not born to draw art", then you really won't have the drive it takes to devote the TIME and EFFORT that it takes to get good.  Find something else to do that you are more interested in.blah blah!!!...... I've met a lot of people that have had a lot of talent and little success, I have also met less talented ones that have been driven and determined to have that success and THEY HAVE SUCCEEDED. If it's what you truly enjoy then don't read too much into this part of Darla's comment. you will find negative people everywhere follow your gut and keep going. By the way Love your vector! ;)

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