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soap mockup

soap mockup

This is mockup of soap so client can upload their logo etc. Please let me know what you think?

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It seems a little boring, but otherwise well rendered.  You might get a rejection for looking too much like the trademarked shape of Dove soap.


I suggest you flatten out the bottom, to make it more generic.  This will also eliminate the need for the darker shadow. 


Also, you can add a little tint to the shading.  Maybe a warm cream color, instead of stark grey.  Possibly a rosy pink?  Something to make it more appealing. 


Be aware that blurs and transparencies can cause technical problems.

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Very nice. very convincing. But I would add an colour option. When we look at soap its not in black n white. There are shades of colour. If you look at the shadows carefully in real life, they usually have a bluish or brownish look to them depending on the lighting. :)

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Thanks so much for you feedback. all my work gets rejected. Maybe it is not good enough? See below image and let me know.


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1. Property Release -- A property release is required for this image; or the attached property release does not meet our requirements or is illegible.

2. llustration Designation -- In order for this image to be reviewed correctly, resubmit it designated as an illustration. When resubmitting, select "Yes" in the "Illust./Clip-Art" dropdown menu when applying metadata in the content editor.


Seems like I fix the issues and then there is something else.

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You submitted only the jpg.


Jpg illustrations require a property release to prove that it is your own artwork, and not somebody else's that you scanned.


Obviously, it's an illustration, not a photo.


To submit a vector, follow these instructions:  http://www.shutterstock.com/contributorsupport/articles/kbat02/000006594?l=en_US&c=ContributorKB%3AGuidelines_by_content_type&fs=Search&pn=1


The top part of the page, with the diagram, is about submitting photos, lower down, it tells how to submit vectors.

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Hi Darla


This watercolor paint so I can't submit a vector.


Thank you for all your help so far. I also did add a release form



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