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This photo wasnt approved With the reason that the caption isnt proper and must tagged as editorial. Obviously English is not my mother language so I dont know how I should caption it. Does Venice carnival masks sounds more correct.

Thank you!!

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The reason it must be editorial is that the masks are copyrighted.


Read the uploading instructions for editorial, and follow them exactly.

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I just submit the image again and got refused again. Could someone tell me what the problem with this caption is, pls? I read the guide and this caption follows the format they require. Or I have to describe in more details like "Venetian masks for Venice Carnival"?


VENICE, ITALY- FEBRUARY 2015: Venice Carnival masks

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You'll need the day as well as the month, or write 'Circa February' if you don't know the exact date. It should really have a longer description as well, but I don't know if that's the problem. Also make sure you're entering it as the caption, not the title.

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