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photo taken during my summer vacation in Abruzzo, Italy

Photo Information for kids

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You will need model releases for the children in the shot and I am not crazy about the over exposure on the top right. Normally I am not a big fan of shooting into the sun. It can be effective but it needs to be done properly.

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Vacation pictures are rarely stock pictures.  You have to be thinking about stock when you take the picture.  Many beginners make this error.  Instead of going through photos you already have, make new ones with stock in mind.

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As Darla mentioned, this makes a great vacation photo, but for stock it tries to take too much in. Getting in closer on the kids, with just a hint of the buildings in the background, might have made a great stock image (assuming you could get the parents to sign releases).


The lighting is going to kill this one, as Dave mentioned. Blown highlights at left, a tad underexposed where the kids are.


I've attached a cropped version to the left of your shot that gives a hint of what's possible. Also upped the exposure a bit. But unfortunately, it still won't do; these are just a few things to keep in mind as you shoot new images.

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