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view from mountain in abruzzo

view from mountain in abruzzo

Stunning view in National park of Abruzzo, Italy

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Stunning?  Maybe in person, but not in the final image.


There is so much grain, especially in the sky, that I'm not even sure this is photograph.  There is also a dust spot.

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Quick edit.  Color balanced, grain smoothed out, weirdly bright house removed.  Cropped for better composition.  Still not great, but better.




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Darla, I can't quite tell from your edit if you smoothed out the grain selectively on the sky, or across the whole image? And what did you use to do this?


Thanks, Gary


BTW I liked the house, even if it was weirdly bright :)

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Same as above: lot of noise in the sky but much better in the second try. Could have been a nice picture if the cloud was in the shape of a rabbit or something like that maybe ?

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My trick for smoothing out such a grainy sky:


Select the sky using the magic wand tool. 

Contract the selection by one pixel

Promote the selection to a layer

Use a strong Gaussian blur.

Deselect, check the results.

              (Erase bits that overlapped the clouds)

Merge layers.


This also works for smoothing out banding.


I have a different technique for skies that are boring, flat, or drab.

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Ya want a critique. Send this Image to rinderart.com  This is not good and can be done a LOT better. It's a "Who cares Image"....Sorry.

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