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Photo Information for landscape

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Did you know your watermark violates copyrights?


The problem is that you carefully reproduced the same problems that autotrace has.


The shapes and overlaps make it difficult to edit.


Try replacing some of your layers of shapes with one object using a gradient.  Also, smooth out the skyline a bit, you don't need all those bumps.

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Did you know your watermark violates copyrights?


Trying to protect your work by violating one of the world's most famous trademarks... very clever.


"P.S. The watermark is for copyright issues" you mean to create them, right?

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Besides, the Bonneville Salt Flats look more like this.




I don't know if it's my monitor or this image looks more saturated than it's ment to be.

I like the gradient on the ground though it looks really smooth! 

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My friend. Time has changed, I'm here to stay. Don't get too serious about it.

trust me. We won't, Wasting time is not fun.. Have fun while your here. Thanks for the avatar. I'll add it to the hundreds I have now. good job.

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