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wildhorses In Abruzzo

wildhorses In Abruzzo

photo taken during my vacation in Italy

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That's going to get rejected for lighting and white balance.


It doesn't seem to be in sharp focus, either, but that may be from reducing it to post.

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This shot has some good potential but you missed the exposure. When you have a scene where there is a great deal of bright area such as sky you need to watch your exposure every carefully. The brightness of the sky, snow or whatever, will trick the meter into thinking the scene is brighter than it really is. Then you do not get the proper exposure on the midtones.


When this is the case spot meter on a mid tone in the shot or a mid tone on your body. Mike Norton uses a red hat, I use my hand (just remember the hand must be in a mid tone range and in the same light as the scene). Use that as your initial setting and make adjustments as needed. Too bad there weren't more clouds in the sky when you took the shot. Those will normally add a great deal of interest.

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