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Photo Information for weed

Camera information

  • 100 mm
  • 1/250
  • f f/20.0
  • ISO 12800
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Synthia. best if you Post in the Photo critique Gallery Not the community gallery so More folks can Help. You seem to have a focus issue and also, If you wanna submit flowers or mushrooms or things Like this. It's really Best to have a scientific Name or at the very least a Common Name. instead of "Weed" or Black Mushroom. Many Buyers search that way.

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Sorry I thought I was on critique gallery. Yes focus is an issue I need to buy a tripod that can go on the ground. My current one is too tall. 


I agree on knowing the names of plants but I just wanted to see

if this was even good enough before I spent the time looking up the name. 


thanks for your help

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No Problem. a Good solid Heavy Tripod is by far the second Most important piece of equip You will ever purchase and a Proper Head. At our workshops we see the worst choices people can make and just throw away money on some flimsy Piece of Junk.


I think, Perhaps to keep One of the sharpest spiderwebs and get out there and start Making Photographs instead of Just Taking Pictures if this is what you want. you do not have to be a great Photographer to do Penny stock. What you Have to do is Photograph things that a potential Buyer can use for "HIS" client to help sell or promote a concept or Idea. Thats all. Taking the Pictures is really The easy Part. And so is getting accepted. Having sales is quite a different... Hang in there. All the galleries are critique. But 90% look at the Photo Gallery.

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Thank you they have accepted 6 of my photographs but I need 4 more.

I will choose the best focused ones. 

Its endless the things you can shoot but like you said who will buy it. 

You have been so helpful really grateful for your time, I have learned a lot. 


I will take my camera out and think of concepts 



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Not recommended to resubmit the 6. Try a brand new batch of 10.  Reason being that another reviewer might be tougher on you - the previously approved 6 may not be approved this time. Save them for once you're in - then re-upload them.


Of course, they may be approved again - who can say?


Point is, if they are not, which could happen, it's very confusing and aggravating to you.


Unfortunately, the review process yields inconsistent results. As long as you know this, you're ok.

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Also, you need 7 out of 10. Not 10 out of 10. go shoot another 10. why not..If you want this your gonna have to submit a Minimum of 20 good high commercial Value Images a week or your gonna be very disappointed  or you have exactly what customers are looking for that they can't find anywhere with 63 Million to choose from. Im not being Negative. Im being real with you. This is the way it is. There are some Very talented folks here with 800/1000 Images that Do very well and there are many more with Many, Many thousands that don't.


PS, when I see the word weed. I think Marijuana  LOL :(

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ha ha I didnt even think of that! I live in France so I forget all these words.


I need to get better as a photographer so I can submit 20 a week. Right now Im having trouble getting 10!!


I thought I would take advantage of living in rural France and post things from my area but now there may not be a big need for a "pigeonnier" or sheep or goats. 


thanks for keeping it real

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"thanks for keeping it real"..... No problem with that. If this was flicker, we would all go "Amazing" and all That. BTW your Darn pretty if thats you..

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its a different crowd looking at flicker, rather have real honesty.

Yup thats me, thanks for the complement :) 

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Just to let you know I submitted my 10 and have been accepted into Shutterstock!!


Now the real work begins. Cant thank you enough for all your help



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