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Where is the Trademark Infringement?
© Chris Gardiner

Where is the Trademark Infringement?

Rejected for Trademark - Image or metadata potentially infringes on intellectual property rights.
can't pull the keywords without opening LR right now, but there is nothing in there, just about 15-20 basic descriptors "cosmetic, care, hand, paint, nail, finger, woman, brush"


does anyone see the culprit that I am missing here? It's not even a big deal as I already have at least one similar shot accepted as a horizontal composition. Partly just here to test out the new critique forum / uploading process.


Thanks for any and all opinions.


© Chris Gardiner

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the "MA" that is partially legible on the brush being covered by her fingers? 

That was my only idea as well. i suppose that must be it. 


Thanks Kjell! 

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