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Line pen drawing Of Burnley Town Hall

Line pen drawing Of Burnley Town Hall

A hand drawn fibre tip pen drawing of Burnley Town Hall

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That's a nice drawing.  The sky seems a little too smooth, though.  I think it would really rock if there was texture to that, like watercolor or chalk.

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I like it! And agree with Darla. Some white chalk streaks simulating clouds would be nice.


Might work with other colors as well.

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Hi, has the Burnley Town Hall image been accepted? Did you have to submit a Property Release form for it? I submitted a a distance hand illustration distance view of a group of non descript buildings, trees, and a spire like thing on the horizon, and got told I needed a submit a property release. I also have a load of exterior church spire drawings which are all over 300 years old, drawn from the street, and got rejected for the same reason. Any info greatly appreciated!

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Yes, it was accepted as an illustration. Since it was drawn from a photograph I had taken, I have to submit a property release form with the original photograph.


I'm guessing that you have been drawing your sketch in your sketchbook. Possibly if you took a photograph of this original sketch and submit it on a property release, it would be accepted

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