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Thank you dear Rinder! I am really glad if you like it. 

I want to sell some photoes but I don't know how? what you think is it possible to sell this one?

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It could do well or do Nothing. That is something I rarely comment on. this business is about Numbers. shoot ,Upload and repeat a million Times. Just read what I said. keep the artistic stuff for another Venue. They want Clean and clear to attract as many as Possible. If you shoot to Much out of the box...You Lesson the Multiple sales you can get By producing Plain, Simple crap that Just about anyone can do. I think theres a delicate balance between art and commerce and that Line is Very...VERY thin especially in this business where Numbers are king.. Finding that balance my friend of satisfying yourself artistically and then doing it commercially is a subject true artists have struggled with a lifetime. Others don't even know what that means. One thing I would never do is discourage you or anyone from being and doing what you need to express But..............That can come with a Price and if you or anyone can afford to pay that price, Your free.


This is about making Images that can sell an Idea or concept to a buyer for him to use in His/Her work or project. How many times that happens with One image is Very Illusive, i've had some silly stuff sell 5000+ Times and stuff from my heart sell twice. This forum is about Helping you or anyone get past the silly review staff this site has presently. Where you go from there Is the Journey. Some expand and move on to things they never imagined, Others never will.


That is your part. we can Only say good Luck, Give our best advice Hopefully from experience and thats it.


To get in you need 10 strong simple, easy to understand concepts. Whats happens next is on you. Believe it or not The majority give up when they realize it's very tough and extremely competitive and a LOT of work. There can be a rainbow at the end But Honestly the closer you seem to get to it , the farther away is seems to be.

So...Good Luck. Hang in there. shoot till your finger Bleeds, make a million Mistakes But DON"T QUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Be yourself and always take the High Road. When you get Older , you'll be glad you did weather or not you make a dime.

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I don't know what to say. how to say thank you! I think this was the best advise ever I had heard! you are amazing person! I will do everything what you recommended to me.  

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